Metaverse meaning might seem self-apparent. But you’ll often find something quite surprising if you ask many tech-savvy people for a definition of the metaverse. Everyone typically defines the metaverse differently from each other. But you’ll soon see what traits the experts feel can best define the metaverse. And you’ll discover how to work from those perspectives.

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Metaverse Meaning by MetaMandrill

MetaMandrill defines the metaverse as a collaboration, or merger, between the physical and digital worlds through the application of different technologies and programs. This definition emphasizes that the metaverse is a living universe that exists parallel to and concurrently with the physical one. The metaverse is never turned off since it’s a persistent system. It’s a collection of virtual worlds with their unique properties, ecosystems, and social environments.

The metaverse can be a universe you step into with virtual reality. Or it can be a mixed reality where digital entities appear in the physical world through augmented reality. VR headsets, hololens, game consoles, and even apps can open up the metaverse. And this space is constantly growing thanks to its inherently boundless nature.

Finally, the metaverse meaning from MetaMandrill stresses interactivity. All of the previously mentioned elements can be freely worked with by everyone who’s exploring the metaverse. You can have unique interactions, find unique digital items, and leave impressions on your explored worlds. You can take a deeper dive into all of these points and more in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

The Significance of the Metaverse in the Evolution of Digital Technology

The metaverse is the result of over 30 years of technological progress. It required ubiquitous high-speed internet access. The larger culture needed to be familiar with concepts popularized by video games, such as moving in virtual environments. And, of course, both standard and graphical processing units are required to evolve to their current impressive state. Finally, display technologies used in virtual and augmented reality needed to become lightweight enough to feel natural when worn.

The metaverse meaning is impossible to grasp without understanding its separate components. But once they were in place, people could fully conceptualize the metaverse. And most tech companies who’ve worked with one of the previously mentioned pieces quickly made the metaverse into their macro-goal. Epic Games, Facebook, Nvidia, and more are all bringing their expertise to the metaverse. And in this sense, the metaverse meaning can be seen as technological convergence.

9 Different Versions of Metaverse Meaning by Other Online Blogs or News Publications

Metaverse experts agree on many points, but they emphasize different elements to derive their metaverse meaning. The following experts provide some of the most insightful definitions.

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metaverse meaning

XRToday takes a two-tiered view of the metaverse. On the one hand, they put a heavy emphasis on the building blocks of the metaverse. This includes virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and blockchain technologies such as NFT implementations.

XRToday frames these elements as building blocks that create something far greater than the sum of its parts. This is analogous to the fact that the Earth is composed of individual items. But the experience of living in the world is so much greater than what you experience when looking at one aspect of it. They also pay special attention to the role of humanity in the metaverse.

XRToday describes the metaverse by stating, “Think social media as it exists today, but more integrated and immersive.” It’s a new world where content creators and designers can work on an innovative economy using metaverse crypto. All while moving technology forward.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

metaverse meaning merriam webster

Merriam-Webster offers a metaverse meaning which focuses on its place in history. They look at the metaverse as something which has moved from fiction to fact over time. Merriam-Webster offers a succinct definition by stating it’s “A real word for a virtual world”. They also stress that the metaverse’s unfamiliar and often mercurial nature makes it hard to strictly define. However, Merriam-Webster points out that it can be seen as somewhat analogous to a digital multiverse.

People can look at the metaverse as analogous to the infinite parallel worlds seen in multiverse theory. Of course, the main difference between the metaverse and the multiverse is that the metaverse isn’t purely theoretical anymore. Merriam-Webster points out that the public became aware of the metaverse on a larger scale when Facebook rebranded itself as Meta in 2021. This highlights that individuals and companies alike are already positioned within the metaverse.

New York Post

metaverse meaning new york post

The New York Post sees the metaverse as a shared digital world that can often substitute itself for the physical one. They note that “The idea of the metaverse is that it will create new online spaces in which people’s interactions can be more multi-dimensional, where users can immerse themselves in digital content rather than simply viewing it”. To interact with the metaverse is to be a part of the metaverse.

The standard Internet typically creates a separation between users and their perusing content. But the metaverse is a dynamically immersive environment. You enter into it as an online space rather than reading a 2D surface with text. The New York Post also sees the value in the metaverse to interact with people during periods of isolation. For example, many people’s interest in the metaverse began due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seeking Alpha

metaverse meaning seeking alpha

Seeking Alpha’s definition of the metaverse stresses its diversity. They note that “The metaverse, therefore, isn’t one digital space but several digital spaces and experiences currently being created by companies to offer more realistic and immersive digital experiences”. They note that the metaverse consists of a vast array of wildly different experiences.

The metaverse can incorporate office environments, classrooms, and even video games. Seeking Alpha also notes that you can access the metaverse in a wide variety of different ways. People can use virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, smartphones, and game consoles to access the metaverse. And all of these methods bring along unique benefits. Seeking Alpha notes that the meaning of the metaverse will be unique to every individual. Because it’s not a single experience. Instead, the metaverse is a vast universe of possibilities that can be accessed through equally distinct tech gear.

Jon Radoff from Building the Metaverse

metaverse meaning building the metaverse

Jon Radoff from Building the Metaverse derives his metaverse meaning from its dynamic nature. He notes that “The common theme is that the “player” is connected to an online framework that permits live content changes, live social connection or live monetization”. In short, the metaverse is constantly changing similarly to the physical world.

Radoff notes that large areas within the metaverse are essentially “walled gardens”. People often design metaverse landscapes as technological scaffolding. Talented individuals from various backgrounds can then build onto that frame. Radoff also notes that this method can limit creativity through an obligation to work with that established system. He counters this with other models based on decentralization. This is a “metaverse for all” that stresses a more creative but less focused approach. However, the meaning of metaverse for all of these people can come to fruition from their efforts.


metaverse meaning tech target

TechTarget sees the metaverse as a companion rather than a competitor to the traditional Internet. They note that “In the metaverse, users traverse a virtual world that mimics aspects of the physical world using such technologies as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), AI, social media, and digital currency”. In contrast, the Internet is something people browse through analogously to books. TechTarget’s meaning of metaverse essentially centers around people’s relationship to data.

The Internet is used in a similar way to physical tools. You sit down to use the Internet. But the metaverse is a medium that you fully immerse yourself in. You don’t just use the metaverse. Instead, people embody themselves as an avatar and “live” within the metaverse. There is some overlap, especially with Web 3.0 technologies. However, TechTarget’s metaverse meaning sees the Internet as the ground upon which the metaverse is built.

Matthew Ball

metaverse meaning matthew ball

Matthew Ball derives his metaverse meaning from the fact that it’s a shared environment. This is heavily contrasted with the standard Internet model. He notes that “Today, the digital world acts as though it were a mall where every store used its own currency, required proprietary ID cards, had proprietary units of measurement for things like shoes or calories, and different dress codes, etc.” The metaverse is different because it’s tied to an open and distributed model.

Everyone has a unique presence within the metaverse, and the blockchain allows for individually crafted, unique, creations. The metaverse also provides interoperability between different implementations. This quality is so intrinsic to metaverse elements that you can even bring them into the standard Web. Ball notes, for example, that you can bring a Counter-Strike item’s skin into Fortnite. And you can also send that skin as a gift to a friend through Facebook.

New York Times

metaverse meaning new york times

The New York Times defines the metaverse in large part by its ability to simulate the standard physical world. They note that “The metaverse is the convergence of two ideas that have been around for many years: virtual reality and a digital second life”. To the New York Times, metaverse meaning centers on the fact that you can essentially live life within a digital realm.

Almost all of the activities present in the physical world are now available within the metaverse’s virtual reality. You can hang out with friends and family, play games, and even spend money. They note that the digital economy of the metaverse is an essential part of the experience that directly correlates with the physical world. For example, in the physical world, you buy clothing for yourself. And in the virtual world, you can try out and purchase a wide range of outfits for your avatar.


metaverse meaning sensorium

Sensorium focuses its definition of the metaverse on specialized decentralization. They note that the metaverse allows people to come together around a central vision. People can build up their own metaverses around specific interests and opportunities. Sensorium’s metaverse meaning puts a heavy emphasis on the decentralized nature of the metaverse as a whole. They note that we’ll see countless virtual spaces that sit within the larger scope of the metaverse in the future. Sensorium anticipates that “Each will have their own economies, communities, infrastructures and areas of interest”.

Some of these virtual spaces might focus on business. Others might highlight the work of digital architects or fashion designers. And others still may give people the chance to enter into a small virtual world centered on gaming. But all of these areas of the metaverse will highlight how immersive the technology is. Sensorium’s meaning of metaverse highlights individual creativity.

Video: The Metaverse Explained | Sensorium Insights #01

Different Companies and Different Takes on Metaverse Meaning

It takes a solid vision to act as CEO of a metaverse-related company. Metaverse companies are quite literally changing the nature of this digital universe. The people working to develop the metaverse as a whole all have unique views of where the platform is going. These industry leaders have been interviewed by and published on MetaMandrill. And they’ve weighed in with their own distinctive view of just what the metaverse means.

The Metaverse Explained by Alexandra Hussenot of Immersionn

metaverse meaning alexandra hussenot immersionn

About Immersionn

Immersionn is a technology company that is building up metaverse content from a variety of different sources. This even includes taking existing content from 2D websites and converting it to a full 3D virtual world. This can raise engagement, improve CRM conversion rates, and build up brand engagement with users.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning defined by Alexandra Hussenot, CEO of Immersionn.

The Metaverse defined by Jason Low of Virtualtech Frontier

metaverse meaning Jason Low of Virtualtech Frontier

About Virtualtech Frontier

Virtualtech Frontier focuses on the creation of experiential events and virtual environments. The company’s team has an impressive history in virtual space and game development. And they’ve been able to leverage that history into the creation of immersive experiences that create brand engagement and a high conversion rate for users.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning explained by Jason Low, CEO of Virtualtech Frontier.

Metaverse Meaning by Luise Frohberg of Taara Quest

metaverse meaning Luise Frohberg of Taara Quest

About Taara Quest

Taara Quest is a metaverse whose meaning is synonymous with strong, empowered women. It uses immersive roleplay and simulations to help women develop a bold leadership style. In doing so, Taara Quest ensures women can bring their undimmed leadership light into the world.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning defined by Luise Frohberg, founder of Taara Quest.

Metaverse Definition by Dmitry Ulyanov CEO of in3D

metaverse meaning dmitry ulyanov ceo in3d

About in3D

in3D has created technologies that can essentially make an avatar copy of you in just a few minutes. They provide an SDK and API which makes it easy to incorporate these avatars into custom products. The in3D app can scan and recreate the physical world in the metaverse.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning explained by Dmitry Ulyanov, the CEO of in3D.

Metaverse Meaning by Anton Bernstein CEO of PocketWorlds

metaverse meaning anton bernstein pocket worlds

About PocketWorlds

PocketWorlds was founded in 2013 to focus on how play and creativity connect people. The company’s worlds emphasized social interaction. Its first metaverse, Highrise, has over 2 million monthly users. PocketWorlds has cultivated a metaverse with rich social interaction and an economy featuring 50,000 daily transactions.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning defined by Anton Bernstein, Co-Founder and CEO of PocketWorlds and Highrise.

The Metaverse Explained by Cai Felip CEO of UNION Avatars

metaverse meaning cai felip ceo union avatars

About Union Avatars

Union Avatars was founded under the principle of interoperability. The company uses machine learning to create photorealistic avatars. This can work with anything from a selfie to a full 3D avatar that looks almost exactly like the original subject. It’s an efficient, cross-platform, solution to bring users into the metaverse.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning explained by Cai Felip, CEO of Union Avatars.

Metaverse Meaning by Adam Frisby of Sine Wave Entertainment

metaverse meaning adam frisby sine wave entertainment

About Sine Wave Entertainment

Sine Wave Entertainment sells “instant metaverses” to clients. The Breakroom platform ( is a popular example that can be used in events, training, or as a digital headquarters. The company also runs a free metaverse called Sinespace focuses on entertainment. Users can hone creative impulses within a collaborative environment.

Click here to read the full metaverse meaning explained by Adam Frisby of Sine Wave Entertainment.

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Metaverse

You’ve seen how different organizations have different metaverse meanings. But the metaverse can also define organizations. Decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, are one of the most important examples of this phenomenon. DAOs are groups whose behavior is guided by rules inherent to the metaverse blockchain.

The blockchain can impart behavioral rules to cryptocurrency, and it can do the same for an organization’s operations through intelligent contracts coded into the blockchain. This forms a digital constitution of sorts. You can learn about the various types of DAOs in the article “The Ultimate DAO Guide; All You Need to Know About DAOs”.

How NFTs Factor Into the Metaverse Meaning

It’s important to remember that the more significant metaverse meaning often comes down to practicality. For example, artists and collectors often focus on NFTs over other parts of the metaverse. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital fingerprint tied to the blockchain. Many metaverse companies “mint” limited runs of digital items as NFTs.

This can ensure metaverse brands have the same collectible value as their non-digital counterparts. It allows for actual one-of-a-kind digital items. You can learn about the larger role of NFTs in personal and professional areas in the article “NFT Guide; Everything You Need To Know About NFTs”.

You’ve seen that different groups define the metaverse in various ways. And these varying definitions often coincide with their focus. Ultimately, your metaverse meaning will come from exploring and enjoying the metaverse for yourself.

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