Metaverse hotel options are one of the most innovative twists on this exciting new frontier. Imagine being able to leap all over the world in VR instantly. That’s just part of what this combination of hospitality, adventure, and technology has in store for you. And you’re about to discover precisely how hotels apply the metaverse to their business model.

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Metaverse Hotel Infrastructure

Understanding metaverse hotel operations begins by understanding the underlying metaverse meaning. People often think of the metaverse as a digital world accessed with a VR headset. However, virtual reality is only one of many ways to access the metaverse. The metaverse can be better thought of as a world created by collaborating or merging the virtual and physical worlds using new technologies.

You can access the metaverse with smartphones, consoles, PCs, and many other options. Each method gives you a different experience. But it’s all part of the same larger metaverse. It’s a borderless world where what you do makes a permanent difference, and there’s always something new to explore. One that you can relax in by yourself, meet new people within, or explore with friends and family.

The fact that the metaverse is still “fully” in development means that nobody knows precisely what it’ll become. But it will be an essential part of the future. And with its emergent nature, it’s safe to assume that there will be multiple versions of the metaverse. You can learn about this exciting new world in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World.”

What Is the Hotel Industry?

The other part of the metaverse hotel system is the more significant hotel industry. Keep in mind that the term doesn’t just refer to hotels. The hotel industry encompasses most businesses that offer overnight accommodations. This includes hotels, guest houses, hostels, motels, and inns. However, this also excludes explicitly locations that provide permanent or long-term lodging. A hotel is generally a business that provides accommodations for overnight guests. This includes critical services that anyone would want for overnight stays, such as meals and en-suite bathrooms. Another important distinction of hotels is that they usually offer private rooms.

Benefits of Using Metaverse Hotel Strategies

Hotels interested in the metaverse have two main strategies that they can use to become a metaverse hotel. With the first strategy, a hotel offers unique virtual experiences to its customers. This often involves creating virtual areas where guests can meet and interact without the need for further travel. For example, a hotel might offer virtual office space for guests visiting on business. A guest could jump into a metaverse avatar and conduct meetings with whiteboards and similar accessories.

And it might also supply equipment, like a Meta Quest or other VR headset. Or the hotel might leverage the metaverse to enhance the traditional services that guests expect. This concept is effectively limitless. But one example would be a hotel that put together a virtual play area for children that’s completely different from the setting’s real-world architecture. Both strategies bring significant benefits for both the guests and the hotel.

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6 Ways Hotels Can Take Advantage of the Metaverse

The metaverse hotel concept is undeniably appealing. And the following six strategies prove they are here to stay.

Digital Celebrations

There will almost always be people who want to come to a big celebration but find themselves unable to travel. On top of that, there are also issues related to illness, accidents, or simply age which can make it hard for people to attend celebrations happening too far away from them. But a metaverse hotel can solve that problem through modern technology. For example, imagine how much it’d mean to someone to have a party at a hotel only to discover the metaverse options. That could open up the possibility of distant friends and family joining the fun.


The metaverse as a whole is a fantastic tool for upselling. You’re not limited by descriptions of more expensive options. A metaverse hotel can quite literally show potential guests what they’d experience. It’s one thing to tell someone how luxurious a higher-end suite would be or how beautiful the spa experience is. But seeing those sights in person through a VR or other metaverse display is another. Seeing those options for themselves is often enough to sell people on the idea. It’s a way of upselling various services and increasing and assuring customer satisfaction.

Enhance the Booking Process

Virtual reality tours are a popular way to enhance the booking process. But that’s still only scratching the surface of what the metaverse can do for travel. Imagine jumping into a metaverse avatar and walking through a metaverse hotel that looked exactly like a physical hotel in some exotic location. You could wander the hotel to get a feel for room size, general atmosphere, features, and potential upgrades. You might even be able to talk to employees within the metaverse. All of this highlights how the metaverse is changing people’s views of travel and distance.

Marketing Strategy

Metaverse advertising has been a huge boon to the business world, so it’s little surprise that hotels have successfully adopted it. Using the metaverse as a marketing channel instantly turns a hotel into a metaverse hotel. And using the metaverse as a marketing strategy instantly opens up a younger customer base. Generation Z and millennials are likelier to pick up on metaverse-related advertising. Because of that fact, you can easily tap into younger untapped markets by using the metaverse. It brings a hotel to the attention of those groups while emphasizing that the locale has up-to-date amenities.

Digital Hotel Twin

A metaverse hotel can exist in a more literal fashion than has been discussed so far. As in, a physical hotel can have a twin that exists within the metaverse. Potential guests can don a VR headset and explore every facet of the hotel before deciding what options to go with. This is a fantastic way for hotels to really sell the experience of staying there. Walking through a beautiful hotel within the metaverse creates something far more enticing than a still photograph could ever be. And it can even make guests feel more at home.

NFT Integration

NFTs (non-fungible tokens), NFT crypto, and other metaverse crypto are unique digital tokens that are tied to a ledger known as the blockchain. They’re essentially a combined receipt and certificate of authenticity. NFTs are often associated with digital images. But they can be attached to almost anything, up to and including physical objects. And a metaverse hotel can easily incorporate NFTs into its operations. For example, a hotel might use NFTs for booking. And it’s easy to build on top of these services. The hotel could also add benefits like loyalty programs, tickets to on-site events, or even souvenirs.

7 Metaverse Hotel Examples

Metaverse news is filled with metaverse hotel successes. Here are seven particularly noteworthy examples.

Marriot Bonvoy

Marriot International has many services, including the award-winning travel program Marriot Bonvoy. It features 30 different hotel brands alongside some of the industry’s best up-and-coming artists. This includes JVY, Erick Nicolay, and TXXREK. These talented creators have come together to create NFTs based on their unique experiences. Each work highlights how travel impacts the human spirit. For example, Jared “Jay” Richardson (JVY) found his inspiration from environmental travel. Erick Nicolay’s THE EXPERIENTIAL IN BETWEEN explores the duality between the curated elegance found indoors and nature’s intrinsic beauty. It’s a truly unique metaverse hotel concept.

metaverse hotel marriott bonvoy

Image attribution: Marriot Bonvoy


The metaverse hotel concept is inherently flexible. It allows people to shop around for the perfect match for their needs. And this is exactly the concept that Pinktada has focused on with its “Room Night Tokens” (RNTs) system. The RNTs offer a unique twist on hotel reservations. Reservations normally provide a random hotel room. But RNTs are tied to one room, in one hotel, for one night. You can also swap your RNTs or sell them for PinkCash. The RNTs also have a specific market value in a similar way to currencies and increase or decrease over time.

Video: Pinktada on Cheddar News

Millennium Hotels

Many other hotel examples have featured hotels that began as physical entities and then used the metaverse as a portal to let guests peer into it. But Millennium Hotels and Resorts has a full presence within the Decentraland metaverse. M Social Decentraland launched it and can be found near Genesis Plaza in the very heart of Decentraland. The giant “M” on each of its sides, the neon pink, and the stylish glass exteriors make it easy to recognize. It’s the perfect location for metaverse explorers who want to experience something new.

Video: Merlion in the Metaverse 


Hilton is implementing the metaverse hotel concept through Niio Art’s digital art streaming service. Some public areas of the Hilton chain, and even selected guestrooms, will now feature art on digital screens. Guests have the opportunity to truly interact with the artistic expression that’s on display. One such method is through NFT giveaways. The metaverse model makes owning a piece of this futuristic art form easy. Hilton and Niio Art are also gifting art streaming subscriptions to selected guests. All of this means that guests can enjoy the art they see at the Hilton in their own homes.

metaverse hotel hilton

Image: Niio


RendezVerse is centered on creating replicas of physical hotels within the metaverse. The company has worked with such auspicious names as Marriott and Atlantis. And the results are equally impressive. The Web3 technologies used by RendezVerse have created a true community of event organizers, hotel owners, and similar entities within the larger world of the hospitality and event industry. By providing these services, RendezVerse is opening up new possibilities for marketing online and connecting various groups within those spaces. RendezVerse is essentially providing a metaverse as a service model. A new model that can turn iconic hotels into metaverse hotels.

Video: RendezVerse 


CitizenM is the first metaverse hotel group within the Sandbox metaverse to purchase LAND. CitizenM has leveraged this place in the Sandbox’s history to provide some equally effective services. For example, CitizenM has become a virtual destination in part because it showcases and sells NFTs commissioned for rising digital artists. CitizenM is also directing profits from sales to help fund the creation of physical hotel locations. NFT ownership translates into voting rights for construction locations. By supporting both digital artistry and CitizenM, one also supports the metaverse hotel concept and parity of the digital and physical realms.

metaverse hotel citizenm

Image attribution: CitizenM

NoMo SoHo

NoMo SoHo is a New York City-based company owned by Sapir Corp, which demonstrates an especially innovative use of NFTs within the context of a metaverse hotel. Its approach is based on the SoldBlock tokenization platform. A three to six-night stay at NoMo SoHo comes with NFTstays. These are curated NFTs that have been specifically designed to provide preferred rates. It also works alongside NFTs, highlighting easily recognizable parts of the NoMo SoHo. For example, some NFTs focus on the NoMo SoHo’s distinctive “The Tunnel of Love” archway. Another example is the “Lovewall” from the NoMo SoHo’s kitchen.

Video: NoMo SoHo 

Metaverse Hotel and Digital Vacations

One of the exciting parts of the metaverse hotel industry is its sense of adventure. There’s always something new to discover. And metaverse companies are ensuring that this is true of most elements related to the metaverse. For example, individual metaverse implementations like Horizon Worlds, Decentraland, or Roblox all have unique elements that make them special. And individual companies like Epic Games all bring something special as well. Different metaverses might specialize in gaming, land speculation, and more. You can discover the best destinations in the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Virtual Worlds; The Best Way To Experience the Metaverse.”

It’s clear that the concept of a metaverse hotel will change travel for the better. The last step is to actually benefit from these advancements. So grab your metaverse devices and start planning your next adventure using these powerful tools!

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