Metaverse news may feel overwhelming at times. After all, technology moves fast. And the metaverse is growing at a rapid pace, even within that already speedy context. But understanding the metaverse news cycle is mostly just about narrowing down the news sources to the best of the best. And you’re about to discover exactly which resources to follow.

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The Digital Universe Accelerates the Metaverse News Cycle

The metaverse is such a huge subject that people are often at a loss to know where to start. It’s similar to deciding to keep up with “earth news”. This is because the metaverse is a fully digital world that exists alongside the physical. You’ll find boundless and continually growing landscapes in the metaverse. It’s full of people having fun and living their best lives. And everything they, or you, do in the metaverse will persist just as it would in the physical. The metaverse’s parallel existence means that it’s best thought of as a merger between the offline and online worlds.

You can fully step into the metaverse with virtual reality headsets. Augmented reality and mixed reality can bring part of the digital world into the physical. And even your smartphone can access some augmented reality metaverse games. And new metaverse hardware and extended reality concepts appear all the time. The metaverse’s news cycle is vast because it’s still in development and covers many different hardware, options, and implementations. You can discover even more about the metaverse’s development in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

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Are There Other Ways of Defining the Metaverse?

One thing that makes the metaverse hard to keep up with is the fact that different people see it differently. The same’s true in the physical world. Some people love forests, others enjoy the bustle of the city, and others still believe that the movements of laws and governance are of the utmost importance. This effect is seen in the metaverse as well. Metaverse websites will typically embody the particular metaverse view of the people who work on them.

For example, a news source interested in NFT technologies would normally have more features on the latest NFT art news than a site interested in AR marketing. Taking in the latest metaverse news also means learning about the news source’s particular focus. You can see how people in various positions view the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Meaning; Different Ways of Defining the Metaverse”.

Why Is It Important to Follow Metaverse News?

You might wonder why it’s so essential to follow metaverse news. While there are many reasons to follow the news, the most important comes down to the rapid pace of metaverse development. New metaverse technologies often appear in the blink of an eye. And those innovations become popular trends just as quickly. By staying on top of the news cycle, you can ensure that you’re always on the cutting edge of the next big thing, which means getting the most out of it personally and professionally. It’s like knowing Microsoft’s future from day one.

10 Metaverse News Resources to Follow

Now that you know about the metaverse, it’s time for the fun part. You can start looking into the best metaverse news resources on the Internet. Keep in mind that there’s a vast array of different sites and sources out there. But the following ten news resources are the best of the best. Each has a different focus and specialty. But they all have something amazing to offer.

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metaverse news crypto news

The news cycle is all about helping people adapt to changing environments. And this is reflected in the CryptoNews mission statement. CryptoNews believes that the most critical part of the metaverse and blockchain revolution is people’s ability to understand and adapt to the changes brought about by these new technologies. They provide metaverse news resources that highlight any and all areas of the metaverse relating to that goal. And the topics are all handled with the highest journalistic standards. CryptoNews provides information about the metaverse with impartiality, transparency, truth, and, of course, accuracy. This makes it an outstanding news resource.

Coin Telegraph

metaverse news coin telegraph

Coin Telegraph has been one of the leading voices in metaverse news since 2013. Given the early stage of the metaverse at that point, it’s easy to see that the resource has tremendous foresight. And this talent is continually highlighted in stories covering the most cutting-edge metaverse-related technological innovations. These subjects include AI, VR, quantum computing, and the blockchain. Coin Telegraph also looks into the social impact of these breakthroughs on a personal and large-scale level. You can see how the metaverse impacts individuals and the larger society they all live within.


metaverse news wired

Wired was created all the way back in 1993 as a print magazine. It quickly became one of the leading voices in tech reporting. And as you might expect, it grew with the times to adapt to new mediums. Today Wired is an immensely popular news site that reaches over 30 million people every month through various mediums. Wired is an essential voice in metaverse news largely because it’s not entirely focused on just the metaverse alone. Wired also provides a look at how metaverse innovations impact the larger tech world as a whole.


metaverse news techradar

Techradar is a tech news site that strives to provide resources that will be useful for people from almost any background. Whether you’re a beginner or code AI models while eating breakfast, there’s almost certainly going to be something to love about Techradar. Some of the areas they cover include metaverse games, multimedia, and mobile apps. But of course, Techradar’s technology coverage translates into the latest metaverse news as well. Techradar’s broad scope of coverage also means that you’ll get to see how various metaverse technologies relate to each other and the other new technologies released onto the larger general market.


metaverse news cnet

CNET is one of the most well-known names on the Internet. Its impressive history in tech reporting goes back to 1993. In CNET’s early days, it primarily used television and radio to report on the latest happenings in the digital realm. But over time, it moved onto new media distribution methods. This includes online videos, podcasts, Websites, and blogging. And, of course, CNET’s latest evolution includes metaverse news stories. You’ll find information on metaverse brands, companies, usage scenarios, and more. CNET was there when the Internet first exploded in popularity. And they’re continuing that tradition with the latest metaverse news.


metaverse news gizmodo

Gizmodo provides a wealth of metaverse news and information. But it’s especially notable for the fact that this is all placed within a larger cultural context. It’s metaverse information provided by people who are also passionate about general science, design, and even science fiction. It’s tech news for people unafraid to dream. And this is especially apparent from the fact that Gizmodo also includes a subsite called io9 which focuses entirely on futurism and science fiction. Gizmodo’s unique approach to the metaverse has earned them over 7 million followers on Facebook and over 100 million monthly site readers in general. News

metaverse news bitcoin com news News is metaverse news with a twist. This particular resource does cover metaverse news as a whole. But these metaverse stories are generally seen from the vantage point of people interested in one particular part of the metaverse – crypto. The blockchain is, in many ways, the backbone of the metaverse. This digital ledger allows for unique items and true ownership of digital resources, and News looks at the blockchain and the digital currencies tied to it. It’s there to help you buy, sell, and manage the various forms of cryptocurrency found all over the metaverse.

Venture Beat

metaverse news venture beat

Most of the metaverse news sources emphasize a consumer-focused point of view. But Venture Beat puts particular emphasis on the ways news of the metaverse can impact business decisions. And Venture Beat’s choice of subject matter also tends to emphasize that fact. For example, it focuses more on artificial intelligence than many other metaverse resources. This is because machine learning is essential in the business world. However, that doesn’t mean Venture Beat is 100% business. Venture Beat’s 6 million monthly readers also enjoy stories about games, 5G, VR, and more.

Metaverse Insider

metaverse news metaverse insider

The Metaverse Insider is a top-tier metaverse news resource that’s managed by the team at The Quantum Insider. The fact that the metaverse stories are coming from experts in quantum computing is impressive in and of itself. But it’s not just a strong pedigree that distinguishes Metaverse Insider. Simply looking at its output highlights its remarkable level of quality. Likewise, you’ll discover a solid commitment to technologies like Web 3.0, augmented reality, virtual reality, and similar innovations. In addition to news stories, you’ll find some other critical metaverse-related resources. These include information about upcoming events and where to find them.

Metaverse News

metaverse news metaverse news

The MetaverseNews is, as the name suggests, an excellent platform to discover the latest metaverse news. The service aims to provide readers with a broad overview of the larger metaverse. If you want to know about almost every possible corner of the metaverse, then this is the resource for you. It covers economic elements of the metaverse, like NFTs and cryptocurrency. And you’ll find breaking news about innovations in metaverse hardware, such as new VR headsets or AR glasses. But you’ll also find the latest stories about the larger culture’s overall adoption of those technologies and interviews with industry experts.

Metaverse Trends Are the Flipside of Metaverse News

Metaverse news goes hand in hand with metaverse trends. Of course, there’s also a lot of overlap there. Any metaverse trend will be reported on quite heavily by news sites. But you can also find a distinct flow of causality between news and trends. The news often reports on new technologies about hitting the market. And it’s these items that can be seen as the technological seeds that grow into metaverse trends. You can delve into the greatest metaverse trends of both the past and future in the article “Metaverse Trends; Upcoming Milestones for the Digital Frontier”.

Metaverse Standards Create Metaverse News

Metaverse standards are commonly agreed-upon concepts implemented by developers. For example, there’s nothing forcing metaverse systems to have user avatars. But their utility is so self-apparent that all metaverse implementations have them. But more subtle concepts are typically handled by the most influential metaverse companies during discussions at metaverse events. Of these, the most important for standards development is the Khronos Group’s Metaverse Standards Forum. Staying on top of metaverse news often means watching this forum’s decisions. You can learn more about the Metaverse Standards Forum in the article “Metaverse Standards Forum; What Is it & Why Is it Needed?”.

You’ve seen how exciting metaverse news is and the strengths of the various news outlets. But now it’s time to bookmark these sites and make a habit of reading them on a regular basis. You’re on the path to expertise!

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