Metaverse stocks can often seem like an intimidating subject. Stocks conjure images of high-stakes boardrooms and crowded markets with ticker tape rolling out around every corner. But as you’ll soon see, that’s not really how the modern market operates. You’ll quickly discover how you can have fun, participate in technological innovation, and make a significant profit with metaverse stocks.

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Understanding Metaverse Stocks by Understanding the Metaverse

You don’t need to be an expert in an industry before investing in it. But at the same time, the more you know, the better you’ll be able to understand and even predict industry trends. And this is very much the case with metaverse companies. The first point to remember is that the metaverse is a digital universe that exists alongside the physical one. You can step into the metaverse with virtual reality headsets. But VR is just one way of entering into it. Similar to how you can experience the physical world’s environments by driving, biking, and walking.

Extended reality gear like augmented reality apps on your phone, mixed reality displays, and other new tech gives you different ways to access a shared digital universe. And this shared nature means that the metaverse can be explored with other people. And that the changes you make will persist for other people to experience. Plus, it’s boundless and continually growing, thanks to the continued work of both metaverse brands and the general metaverse community. You can get a full overview of the larger metaverse landscape in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

What Defines a Metaverse Stock?

It’s tempting to define metaverse stocks as any stock relating to a metaverse company. But it’s essential to keep in mind that the metaverse is a huge subject growing in importance rapidly. Technologies like the blockchain, metaverse games, NFT art, digital land speculation, and even Web 3.0 can be considered part of the metaverse.

You can think of metaverse stocks as something that can even appear within well-established companies. More and more businesses are refocusing on the metaverse to get in on this new market. For example, Facebook has fully rebranded as Meta to highlight that fact. It’s essential for market investors to ready themselves for the same. But it’s also vital to carefully choose stocks that are going to benefit from this modern-day gold rush into the metaverse fully. Buying now means that you can get in early, buy low, and benefit from metaverse growth.

Other Ways of Investing in the Metaverse

Metaverse stocks are the most obvious way to invest in the metaverse. But there are also other options out there. In fact, this is one of the reasons why the metaverse is getting so much attention. There’s an entire economy centered on the metaverse. And it exists inside the metaverse, outside it, and as an intermediate option that has one foot in both worlds. While a considerable number of investment opportunities don’t involve direct metaverse stock purchases, the following are generally considered the most popular.

Metaverse Stocks and Metaverse ETFs

Metaverse stocks are typically bought individually. You find a company you’re interested in, do some research, and then buy stocks. However, there’s also another way to try out metaverse stock options – metaverse ETFs. ETFs, or exchange-traded funds, are essentially a set of stocks. Metaverse ETFs are a collection of metaverse stock options selected for their relation to the metaverse. There are exceptions, but most ETFs are generally selected to provide above-average stability.

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Almost everyone who’s used the metaverse has used cryptocurrency in one form or another. Cryptocurrency is tied to the blockchain. And the blockchain, in turn, is how the metaverse defines digital assets as unique entities that can be owned and traded just like in the physical world. The metaverse provides several ways to earn cryptocurrency. And crypto can itself function as a long-term investment as its value grows in proportion to its initial sale value. You can even use cryptocurrency profits to buy metaverse stocks in order to cover all of your bases. It’s both currency and investment.


NFTs are non-fungible tokens. This might sound like a complex concept. But it essentially just means that something is unique and not inherently interchangeable with others. For example, two paintings would be non-fungible since artists and implementation value them. Art NFTs are perhaps the most famous form of NFT. The high value of artistic NFTs makes them an ideal form of collateral if you borrow against an agreed-upon value. The fact that NFTs are linked to the blockchain’s digital ledger means that ownership is easily transferred and returned upon the finalization of an agreement. Read more about NFTs in the article “What Is an NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens Clearly Explained”.

10 Best Metaverse Stocks to Buy in 2023

At this point, you know almost everything you need in order to begin working with metaverse stocks. Or, rather, you know everything except where to begin. There’s a lot of subjectivity involved with stock options. But there are some options that combine enough objective positives to make them a perfect choice for a prospective investor. And the following are the best of the best. They’re the ten best metaverse stocks to buy in 2023.


metaverse stocks meta

In 2021 Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company was officially rebranding as Meta. Saying that this was a boon to the metaverse’s popularity would be an understatement. One of the biggest tech companies in the world throwing its weight behind the metaverse was all the evidence anyone needed to know that this was the next big thing. Meta’s already established a record of successful metaverse projects such as Oculus and the Horizon platform. The company’s devotion to the future of the metaverse solidifies it as a solid choice. Meta’s a combination of solid past, present, and future.


metaverse stocks nvidia

NVIDIA, NVDA on NASDAQ, is synonymous with 3D-based hardware acceleration. They’re one of the leading forces in 3D PC gaming and act as the powerhouse behind many tethered virtual reality solutions. And despite the name, NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPUs) are also incredibly popular options for the brains behind artificial intelligence and machine learning. On top of all this, NVIDIA also offers the ForceWare software suite. This powerful collection of programs helps people work with most of the technologies which create the modern metaverse. NVIDIA’s position among the metaverse stocks is as clear as its impressive position within metaverse development.


metaverse stocks sony

Sony, NYSE: SONY, is a strong option for metaverse stocks, combining an impressive history with documented longevity. This includes making various home electronics, video games, and metaverse-related tech. Sony’s PlayStation platform provides users with a cost-effective virtual reality solution. And Sony also invested $1 billion in Fortnite-maker Epic Games. This goes along with Sony’s purchase of Bungie for $3.6 billion. All of this is leveraging Sony as a major player in multi-player digital environments. This is in contrast to first-person gaming ventures. It’s clear to see why when looking at Sony’s profits from games like Destiny.


metaverse stocks adobe

Adobe is one of the rare industry-focused software properties which has become a household name. However, its role in metaverse stocks might come as a surprise. But it’s important to remember that even 3D models use 2D artwork. And Adobe’s role in the metaverse is already demonstrated in that respect. But the company is rapidly moving into more focused metaverse development with a full metaverse reference site. This acts as a guide to help people using Adobe software transition their work into the metaverse. Adobe’s documentation highlights the fact that it is firmly committed to the metaverse as a platform.


metaverse stocks unity

Unity is another instance of an industry platform becoming well-known outside its field. Most people don’t know how to write code for the Unity 3D engine. But they know the name from seeing Unity come up in many 3D-enabled games and software packages. Unity is estimated to power around 60% of the world’s 3D-enabled content. And Unity’s reach goes far beyond games and into the metaverse. As the name suggests, software made with Unity can be easily leveraged into a unified platform that stretches into multiple operating systems, devices, and platforms. Unity metaverse stocks are inarguably valuable investments.


metaverse stocks microsoft

Microsoft is one of the most easily recognized names in the tech industry. The company arguably popularized both personal computers and the Internet. And Microsoft even managed to break into the gaming industry with the Xbox. This highlights the fact that Microsoft is continually evolving to master and popularize new platforms. And this also makes them a solid choice for metaverse stocks. The company is already proving itself in the metaverse with the HoloLens and mixed reality system for its Teams platform. Microsoft’s past history and currently profitable endeavors paint it a significant player within the metaverse ecosystem.


metaverse stocks roblox

Roblox is often thought of as a game or game company. But when you look deeper into Roblox, it’s clear why it’s a top option for metaverse stocks. Roblox began as a game, but it’s steadily evolved over the years. Today it stands as a full metaverse implementation with user-friendly development tools. These tools are generally still used to make games within the larger Roblox space. But the company is steadily releasing innovative advancements to help developers create gaming and non-gaming content. These efforts are steadily making Roblox into a balanced ecosystem with options for education and entertainment.


metaverse stocks apple

Apple is arguably both leader and creator of the modern smartphone market. But people often forget that these mobile devices offer augmented reality capabilities. Apple even has a special SDK specifically for augmented reality development. AR capabilities alone would qualify Apple as a top choice for metaverse stocks, but Apple’s recent M1 chip also offers significant competition with NVIDIA in 3D graphics. All of this paints a solid future for Apple’s presence in the larger metaverse. No matter what the metaverse grows into, people will always need hardware to access it. And for many people, Apple is computing hardware personified.


metaverse stocks snap

You might know Snap as the company behind Snapchat. You might not know that Snapchat is a key player in the larger metaverse ecosystem. It’s a perfect example of effective AR marketing. Snapchat’s filters have been many people’s first introduction to augmented reality, and Snap itself sells AR-powered glasses. The company is also putting its resources into new uses and implementations for augmented reality and for example, using Snapchat to see yourself in different outfits. Snap’s a solid investment among metaverse stocks. As of August 2022, it has the second-highest total index weight within the Ball Metavese index.


metaverse stocks autodesk

Autodesk, or ADSK, provides a wide range of 3D-focused software. This includes many software packages that are industry leaders within their respective fields. For example, ADSK is behind the 3D art programs Maya and 3ds Max. It also creates a wide range of AutoCAD and Autodesk programs used in the architectural, engineering, and manufacturing fields. Autodesk also leverages cloud computing with Autodesk Construction Cloud. Which has, in turn, been adopted by Evans General Contractors. Autodesk is synonymous with 3D design. And the company’s applicability to the various digital constructions in the metaverse makes it a strong pick among metaverse stocks.

Predicting Metaverse Stocks by Watching Metaverse Trends

You’ve seen the best metaverse stocks to buy in 2023. But what about 2024 and beyond? There’s no way to be certain of the future. But you can generally get a good idea of where technology is going in the future by watching today’s growing trends. For example, new AI techniques and inventive companies are making it easier to make metaverse avatars. So you can be sure that this industry will grow in the future. You can discover how to stay up to date with the latest trends in the article “Metaverse Trends; Upcoming Milestones for the Digital Frontier”.

The Relationship Between Metaverse Standards and Metaverse Stocks

Staying up to date with metaverse news stories and metaverse websites can give you a good idea of where the industry is heading. And, as a result, what stocks to invest in. But you should also pay attention to metaverse events and organizations like the Metaverse Standards Forum. The forum was created by the Khronos Group. And the Khronos Group, in turn, consists of over 150 metaverse companies. The forum brings them all together to discuss a shared vision for the metaverse. And it also highlights possible investment options. You can learn more about the standards forum in the article “Metaverse Standards Forum; What Is it & Why Is it Needed?”.

Metaverse stocks can seem intimidating when you consider them for the first time. But as you’ve seen, you have the power to jump into it. For fun, profit, and to be part of a new era in modern technological innovation.

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