AR contact lenses are one of the most critical technologies in the world. And that’s even though they’re still in development. It’s clear that metaverse technologies like VR headsets have finally arrived. But it’s equally clear that augmented reality contact lenses are the next step in immersive technologies. And you’ll soon discover the ever-growing world of AR contacts.

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AR Contact Lenses Offer a New Way of Looking at the Metaverse

The importance of AR contact lenses builds upon the significance of the metaverse. People often think of it as something you step into with virtual reality headsets. And that is one way of accessing the metaverse. But the metaverse can be considered a merger between the digital and analog. Anything that blurs the line between them is part of the metaverse. You can step into it with VR. And augmented reality goes in the opposite direction and brings digital elements into the physical world. You can access the metaverse through VR headsets, apps on your phone, Web 3.0 tech, or countless other methods.

But it all leads to the same persistent and always-on world—where any change you make will persist, and other people can see your impact. Those qualities make the metaverse a social environment where you can hang out with old friends or make new ones. Nobody knows what the metaverse will grow into because it’s “fully” in development. But new methods to access it appear all the time. You can discover more about this new and exciting digital frontier in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

What Is Augmented Reality?

The metaverse is an integral part of AR contact lenses. But augmented reality (AR) as a whole also deserves some attention before moving on to the role of contact lenses in this powerful new technology. Augmented reality refers to anything that brings digital elements into the physical world. You might be familiar with the idea of mobile apps that let you pan your phone to see game elements within your area.

Phones are easily the most popular augmented reality platform. And the development environments and SDKs for phone-based augmented reality are already quite mature. But companies like Microsoft and Google are also promoting AR glasses in various areas. And Apple has been hinting at a solid move into AR glasses. You can find out more about the current state of augmented reality in the article “Augmented Reality; Learn About AR Tech, Use Cases, Devices, and More!”.

What Are AR Contact Lenses?

At this point, you’ve learned about both augmented reality and its role in the more significant metaverse meaning. And AR contact lenses are one step further along in the progression of AR. Just as AR glasses are more immersive than AR on your phone, AR in contact lenses will offer some fantastic experiences. As the name suggests, AR contacts are functionally similar to standard contact lenses. You’ll put an AR lens in just as you would a standard contact.

And AR lenses can even use the same prescription as corrective lenses. But the AR lens can also overlay digital elements on top of your eye. Imagine instantly viewing any of the information you’d usually access on your phone, for example, seeing navigation information that doesn’t require you to take your eye off the road. Or that you could use hands-free on a hike. It’s a life-changing technology.

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What Could AR Contact Lenses Be Used For?

Of course, AR contact lenses will do far more than correct eyesight or replicate phone functionality. As the technology matures, metaverse brands can take it in wonderful directions. Consider that the lenses sit on top of your eye. Contacts are perfectly positioned to monitor health-related biometrics like heart rate, stress, or medical issues. And they will provide both input and output along with networking-based functionality. Imagine taking an exciting trail run while your contacts record the scenery and give you directions. You could use that video to both enjoy and review later to see how your heart rate or pace was impacted by various conditions.

The lenses also have the potential to be incredibly immersive, thanks to the fact that they’re inherently context-aware. Because contacts sit on your eye, they always know what you’re looking at. So you can expect similar interface elements in the physical world that you enjoy in VR. For example, in VR, you might stare at a book to get a summary of it. Augmented reality contacts allow you to do the same in the physical world. And firefighters could even use the contacts to save lives by navigating through the smoke.

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AR Contact Lenses: Obstacles to Overcome

While there’s a lot to look forward to, there are also a lot of challenges for AR contact lenses to overcome. One of the biggest is processing power. Lenses need to process physical data and meld it with digital information constantly. On top of this, networked elements like access to the metaverse blockchain take even more of a toll.

Researchers also need to ensure that the lenses are comfortable to wear. Previous generations of lenses used rigid plastic that often became uncomfortable over time. But biomedical and mechanical engineers at Purdue recently adapted flexible gold-based strips that might solve that problem.

Concerns Over AR Contact Lenses

There are also some more generalized issues to consider. Standard contacts can cause health concerns like fungal buildup or dry eyes. A more rigid AR contact lens might increase the risk of these pre-existing issues. This is part of why researchers are looking into more flexible materials. Many people are also concerned about any electrical device sitting on their eye. And on top of technical and social issues, there are also medical regulations. Just as with standard contact lenses, the FDA will probably need to study and approve AR contact lenses before any individual implementation hits the market.

Mojo Vision: The First Real Example of AR Contact Lenses

You’re probably wondering where you can buy AR contact lenses. Unfortunately, they’re not on the market yet. But one company is extremely close to a commercial release. Mojo Vision will almost certainly be the first company to bring AR lenses to the consumer market. At the moment, Mojo Vision has already demonstrated a functional prototype of its lens. Saying that this was a massive achievement would be an understatement.

Getting to the protype stage means that most of the technological hurdles have been taken care of, and it’s now down to tweaks and improvements. Moreover, Mojo Vision has also been working directly with the FDA and optometrists to ensure that both legal and medical concerns are taken care of over every step of the development process. You can learn about this groundbreaking innovator in the “Mojo Vision; Learn About Mojo Smart Contact Lenses” article.

Video: Mojo Vision’s AR Contact Lens

AR Lenses and Other Metaverse-Related Technologies

AR contact lenses are inherently fascinating. But if you want to discover other ways of entering the metaverse, then you’re in luck. There’s a wide variety of other metaverse devices out there. And most methods of entering the metaverse also have specialized accessories to enhance the experience. AR and VR tech has evolved to the point where you have many great options. Many manufacturers even target specific industries or interests. You can learn other ways to access the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Devices; The Best Gear To Enter the Metaverse”.

The Wider World of VR Gear

Of course, while AR contact lenses are an exciting future technology, VR is currently the most well-known way to work with the metaverse and extended reality. Practical consumer-level VR is still a relatively new technology. But it’s been around long enough to take advantage of multiple generations of technological innovation. Moreover, even tourism, music, and healthcare industries are using VR gear. VR hardware shows what metaverse companies might be able to do with AR contacts. You can take a look at groundbreaking VR tech in the article “VR Headsets; Your Complete Guide to the Top Virtual Reality Gear”.

One of the best things about AR contact lenses is that they’re a new technology. You can look forward to watching the technology grow and develop similarly to VR headsets. Your future with AR contacts begins now.

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