NFT game options are growing at a rapid pace. In fact, the industry is growing so fast that many people have missed out on some of these games’ most exciting features. You’ll soon learn how to fully experience NFT games, which doesn’t simply mean how to play them. You’ll also see how you can earn money through gaming.

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What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

As the name suggests, NFT games make heavy use of NFTs. To get the most out of an NFT game, you’ll first need to understand why NFTs are so important. The significance of NFTs can be best understood with a single word – uniqueness. Most digital media can be copied or shared an unlimited number of times. For example, you can copy and paste an image file from one directory to another.

But NFTs give you the ability to tie a particular digital item to something known as the blockchain. This effectively gives it a unique digital fingerprint. An NFT becomes more like a beautiful portrait in a gallery, with value tied to uniqueness, than a simple digital file. An NFT is always unique. You can find out more about the history and mechanics of NFTs in the article “NFT Guide; Everything You Need To Know About NFTs”.

What is a Play-to-earn NFT Game?

NFTs can hold inherent value due to their uniqueness. A digital item with intrinsic value is the perfect reward within the context of a video game. And this has led to the creation of play-to-earn NFT games. They’re essentially GameFi implementations that provide financial incentives to keep people playing. This can come about in different ways.

An NFT game might require an initial investment to get started, which is known as staking. A player puts down a stake with his cryptocurrency. But he can also earn cryptocurrency by playing. It’s essentially an investment. You can also earn in-game NFTs, which might have gameplay elements like increasing your attack or defense. Because they’re NFTs, these items are always unique and can be sold. Finally, players might also have the option to tie NFTs or cryptocurrency into a smart contract. This will, in turn, accrue value and generate rewards.

Types of Crypto Involved in Play-to-Earn NFT Games

Discussion of NFT games leads to an important point. Just what kinds of rewards can you earn by playing them? This is especially important in metaverse games with a thriving economy. No NFT game guide could cover every possible compensation due to the sheer immensity of the larger metaverse. Still, the following reward categories describe some of the essential crypto rewards found in the various NFT game options.

Native Cryptocurrency

An NFT game will often use a unique, native cryptocurrency. These operate similarly to more well-known cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. For example, an NFT game called Axie Infinity uses two different native cryptocurrencies – AXS and SLP. Like Bitcoin, these tokens can be exchanged or traded for crypto or offline currency at exchanges. The main difference with a native cryptocurrency is that the game developers usually create the cryptocurrency on their own.

Already Existing Cryptocurrency

Many NFT game companies forgo native currency and use one of the popular metaverse crypto options such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. It’s pretty standard for games that use popular cryptocurrencies to incorporate them into their names. For example, Bitcoin Tycoon uses Bitcoin. Games that have the word crypto in their titles, such as CryptoKitties and Crypto Dragons, also tend to use popular pre-existing cryptocurrencies. This can minimize any need to convert between different cryptocurrencies.

What are the Advantages of Play-to-Earn Games?

No matter which currency model an NFT game uses, there’s one shared point. Play-to-earn games are inherently advantageous in several different ways. Of course, the most apparent advantage stems from the fact that players can earn money while playing the games. Play-to-earn, or P2E, can create an immersive and rewarding environment for players. And games with concrete rewards are often inherently more entertaining.

Developers also benefit from the P2E concept. Metaverse business strategies often work through a mutually beneficial model. Players benefit from the games by earning money. And the game’s developers benefit by leveraging that reward as a method of advertising. People will flock to games where they can earn money.

Even advertisers have a lot to gain from the play-to-earn model. Metaverse brands, and even traditionally offline-focused companies, can take advantage of new advertising opportunities within these games. For example, they could sponsor tournaments.

Choosing a P2E NFT Crypto Game

There’s a lot of potential in the P2E NFT game options, but which game is suitable for you? There are a few points to consider when looking at NFT games. Perhaps the most important is what you can win. Some games provide NFTs, some use the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies, and others might offer both. Games like Coin Hunt World even combine multiple already existent cryptocurrencies in the form of Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It’s also crucial to consider playstyle. Do you like crafting, action, strategy, FPS, JRPG, or something else? And how do those play styles translate into concrete rewards? It’s always best to look for games that match your preferred playstyle and bonuses. You should also consider how long it takes to earn any given reward. Likewise, how difficult is it to reach that point within the game? And, ultimately, will you have fun playing it?

Most Popular Play-to-Earn NFT Games

So far, this NFT game guide has focused on the foundational elements of the NFT game options. But now it’s time to look at the games themselves. There are a lot of different NFT games out there, and each metaverse company brings something unique to the table. The following list highlights the most popular, entertaining, and ultimately rewarding options. These are the best of the best NFT games.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most innovative NFT game options with play-to-earn mechanics. It boasts around 2.8 million daily users. Those users typically work with about $3.8 million in trades per day. It’s also notable for simply being extremely fun. The game’s focus on monster collection and management is reminiscent of Pokémon. But Axie Infinity takes that mechanic to another level by branding every Axie monster as a unique NFT. Both Axies and separate items in the game can be traded for cryptocurrency. Successful battles provide SLP crypto and AXS tokens, letting players vote on platform development.

Video: Axie Infinity Gameplay Trailer


The public’s been in love with football for over 100 years. It’s little surprise that this beloved sport has transitioned into an NFT game. Sorare was designed to let players feel like they’ve joined a game alongside licensed professional players from 227 teams and 39 leagues. Players can draft well-known players, keep track of performance, and strategize to earn victories on the field. It’s an exciting variant of fantasy football. But the big NFT based twist is that players can earn Etherium and other prizes as a reward for their effort on the field.

nft game guide sorare

Image attribution: Sorare

My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice is a highly stylized multiplayer NFT game which features a uniquely beautiful art style. It’s a world-building game with a lot to entice both gameplay-oriented players and those looking to earn NFT related rewards. The gameplay is highly tied to an overall scarcity of resources. There’s only so much land for players to use. As such, land and all of the assets you can build with have fluctuating market value. Players can buy, sell, and trade various in-game resources. These transactions are made with a native cryptocurrency called Alice tokens, which are tradable on Binance.

Video: Dear Diary – Official Gameplay Teaser


Illuvium is an open-world RPG where players explore a sprawling world of fantasy and adventure. It’s also an innovative NFT game where players work with digital entities called Illuvials. Illuvials are in-game creatures that can be fought, collected, and customized. They also have particular affinities for each of the five classes and attributes. Illuvials become more potent as players progress through the game. Illuvials are an NFT means that they’re both inherently unique and tradeable. And players have created a thriving economy based around Illuvials. The in-game cryptocurrency, ILV, and sILV, are also tradable on Binance.

Video: Illuvium: Gameplay Reveal Trailer

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is an NFT game that simulates the fast-paced strategy of offline collectible card games. Anyone who’s played a classic collectible card game knows that collecting cards and building decks are as much a part of the experience as using them. Gods Unchained can emulate that experience thanks to the nature of NFTs. All of the cards in Gods Unchained are NFTs, which means that they’re unique items. There are only so many cards of any given type out in the world. And players who earn and trade cards can often turn an impressive profit in cryptocurrency.

Video: Gods Unchained Tutorial


Decentraland can be thought of as a vast virtual reality. It’s a vast world divided into individually managed areas: players can create a thriving environment within these micro-worlds containing everything from trees, houses, or aircraft. Land ownership and development is one of Decentraland’s biggest draws. In fact, each plot of land is itself an NFT called LAND. Decentraland is an NFT game that’s literally made of NFTs. And the land is only the beginning. Players can create accessories that are also NFTs, make their games using NFTs, and generally use NFTs as a foundational gameplay element.

nft game guide decentraland

Image attribution: Decentraland


Splinterlands recreates all the best experiences of a collectible card game. As an NFT game, this means every card is a true collectible. It’s pretty literally your card when you have a card in Splinterlands. You can sell, trade, or buy them as needed. The game has over 283 different types of cards. And when used in tandem, they can alter a player’s basic stats. Splinterlands also divides cards into factions that impact how they’re best used. Splinterlands uses a cross-compatibility system to maintain a presence on multiple blockchains. This includes Ethereum, WAX, Tron, and its own unique blockchain.

nft game guide splinterlands

Image attribution: Splinterlands

Mines of Dalarnia

Platformers are one of the most beloved game genres. However, there’s a notable lack of platformers tied to NFTs or the metaverse. Mines of Dalarnia address that issue by providing players with an NFT game that combines platforming elements with crafting and land management. It’s also straightforward to get started. Players can even run the game in their web browsers. The typical mining session in the game will only take about five minutes. These factors make it easily accessible to people just starting with NFT games. Plot ownership and resources also provide a strong economy.

Video: March 2022 Alpha Gameplay Preview

Zed Run

Zed Run is an NFT game that was constructed around an innovative idea. The creators wanted to make a game featuring “breathing NFTs”. In other words, they wanted the game to feature NFTs, which essentially had a life of their own. This plan came to fruition with Zed Run. Zed Run gives players a chance to participate in virtual horse races. But the real allure of the game comes from how advanced the game’s horses are. Horse breeding is done with advanced algorithms which keep genetics in mind. You can essentially breed and sell champion horses that are also NFTs.

Video: Be First – ZED RUN


Sandbox is one of the most prominent examples of a sandbox-style NFT game. Players are presented with a massive world where they can do almost anything. Sandbox’s creators are even working with the Hong Kong film industry to create a Mega City within the game. However, anyone can build their structures or cities in Sandbox, thanks to its land ownership features. Players can buy and join plots of land together to create large-scale creations. Land deals are made possible with an in-game cryptocurrency called SAND. You can also make and sell all manner of art, items, and other accessories.

Video: The Sandbox – Alpha Season 2 Trailer

NFT Game Options and the Larger Metaverse

If you’re captivated by the NFT game options, you almost certainly have a wealth of opportunities to explore within the larger metaverse. Not all metaverse games have monetary incentives, but they all have something interesting to offer. That might be crypto rewards, or it could be anything from sprawling worlds to enthralling social scenes.

Most metaverse games use advanced tech like VR headsets. But you can access some through Web browsers thanks to Web 3.0 tech. You can look into the best of the best metaverse games in the article “Top 10 Popular Metaverse Games To Explore Right Now”.

The Variety of NFT Game Choices Spans a Digital Universe

You’ve seen that NFT game options cover a wide range of different genres and platforms. But it’s important to remember that the metaverse extends to entire virtual worlds. Like in the offline world, these virtual worlds have games of their own. Players even create their games within virtual worlds.

Some like Horizon Worlds have only recently added support for in-system creation. Others like Roblox have thousands of options, but they provide outstanding gaming experiences. You can see how far the virtual worlds extend in the article “Metaverse Virtual Worlds; The Best Way To Experience the Metaverse”.

The Role of Crypto Projects in NFT Game Development

A metaverse is a vast place. And NFT game development is just one of many innovative concepts developing within the larger metaverse. One of the most exciting things about the platform is how projects intersect and enhance each other. For example, the blockchain is tied to NFTs and cryptocurrency. It also extends to self-regulating digital organizations like the various DAO implementations.

People are constantly adding new features to the blockchain and metaverse. And these lead to exciting new developments and projects. You can discover more about these crypto projects in the article “Top 10 Most Interesting Metaverse Crypto Projects”.

You’ve seen just how many NFT game options are available right now. But this is only the start of a fantastic adventure. Your next step is to use this NFT game guide to enter whichever option seems the most interesting.

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