Metaverse websites are one of the most important ways to stay up to date with the technology. This is particularly important given that the metaverse is an in-progress system that’s always being updated. You’ll soon see some of the top-tier websites which keep track of the metaverse. Each metaverse website has a unique focus and brings attention to different areas.

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An Overview of the Larger Metaverse

Metaverse websites are particularly important due to the large scale of this digital domain. The metaverse is a huge subject. After all, it’s essentially a collaborative merger between the online and offline world. This effectively creates a parallel universe that exists alongside the real world. Some technologies like virtual reality (VR) let you step right into it. Others like augmented reality (AR) create a digital overlay within the real world that merges them into a singular whole. These and other techniques are ultimately fully immersive.

Right now the metaverse is in an early stage. It has borderless, limitless, potential. Different companies are all trying different techniques within that larger whole. And independent users or developers are adding their own spin to the development process. Nobody knows exactly what the future of the metaverse will be.

What is certain is that the metaverse will always provide a way to bring people together within a whole new world. One where people can work, play and socialize in ways that provide something truly unique that the standard world can’t match. You can find a full overview of the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

10 of the Most Essential Metaverse Websites

There are a lot of great metaverse websites out there. But for a metaverse website to rank among the best of the best it needs to bring something special. The following sites all have something which elevates them to sit among the best of the best.

Building The Metaverse

metaverse websites building the metaverse

Building the Metaverse is a metaverse website created by John Radoff. Radoff’s ideas commonly show up on other metaverse websites and he’s one of the industry’s pioneers. He created the initial concept of the metaverse’s 7 layers. This type of in-depth examination is common within John Radoff’s writing. This depth makes Building the Metaverse a must-read for anyone who’s interested in the metaverse’s development.

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metaverse websites metamandrill is one of the fundamental resources among metaverse websites. It takes seemingly complex areas of the metaverse and shows them in an easier-to-understand light. The explanatory outlook makes it a metaverse website that shows how experimental and fast-paced metaversal developments can change people’s lives for the better. And it can guide people’s exploration. Metamandrill makes the world of the metaverse clear for everyone to see.

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metaverse websites techradar

Techradar is a metaverse website dedicated to the world of technology. It’s one of the metaverse websites that you can depend on to always stay up-to-date with the newest developments in almost every area of modern technology. This includes games, apps, and multimedia. Techradar also puts a heavy emphasis on the metaverse. This includes help for people who are just getting into it and experienced users.

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metaverse websites matthew ball is a metaverse website created and run by Matthew Ball. He leverages his extensive background with venture funding and advisory to investigate the metaverse. This has created a unique voice among the metaverse websites. In fact, Matthew Ball’s background in these areas has even enabled him to host interviews with such important figures as Mark Zuckerberg. He also provides the latest news on metaverse-related technologies.

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metaverse websites lifewire

Lifewire is one of the larger metaverse websites. It has over 20,000 articles that have been written over the past twenty years. Comscore ranks it as one of the top ten technology and news sites. And of course, as a metaverse website it also puts an emphasis on everything related to the metaverse. This includes news on how to get the most out of the technology.

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The Ghost Howls

metaverse websites the ghost howls

The Ghost Howls is a metaverse website created by someone who’s been with the industry since its earliest days. Tony started out with an Amstrad and has grown with the latest trends. Today his website focuses on VR and AR. It has an added twist of leveraging Tony’s background in the tech industry. This lets him illustrate the latest with startup and business news.

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Ryan Schultz

metaverse websites ryan schultz

Ryan Schultz is the name of a top metaverse website and its creator. It’s one of the metaverse websites that brings a strong history to the subject. Schultz began with Second Life and its VR follow-up Sansar. He continues to investigate the technological and social side of the metaverse with that larger context in mind. It covers social VR, virtual worlds, and the larger metaverse.

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Hypergrid Business

metaverse websites hypergrid business

Hypergrid Business is one of the metaverse websites which puts special emphasis on an open view of the metaverse. This metaverse website does present a large-scale view of metaverse news. Coverage includes areas such as VR, AR, and XR. But one of the site’s differentiating factors comes from its special interest in the OpenSim framework. OpenSim lets anyone create their own implementation of the metaverse.

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Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr is one of the metaverse websites with a strong focus on futurism’s role in the multiverse. Marr is a best-selling author who’s written 20 books. He takes that literary expertise into a well-categorized metaverse website. It covers topics that bridge futurism and the metaverse such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and VR. But almost any imaginable topic related to the metaverse is touched on.

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metaverse websites digital trends is a metaverse website that aims to help people navigate the increasingly complex world of modern technology. It’s especially important among metaverse websites due to size and recognition. The site is one of the largest independent premium tech publishers in the world. It uses that expertise and reach to look into some of the most important areas of the metaverse. This includes news and guides.

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Metaverse Websites and a New Era of Branding

Metaverse websites often highlight how individuals interact with the metaverse. In doing so they can create a brand for themselves within that new medium. But existing corporate brands are also putting a heavy investment into the metaverse. Some of the biggest brands are leveraging their business strategy to incorporate the metaverse.

Different companies are all putting their own unique spin on it. This involves products, cryptocurrencies, promotions, and even direct investments into the metaverse. You can discover exactly how the leading brands are working with the metaverse in the metaverse website article “Top 12 Metaverse Brands Selling Their Products Digitally”.

Metaverse websites provide the perfect way to keep track of new developments. Every metaverse website brings with it a slightly different perspective. And in the end, the metaverse itself is a celebration of humanity’s ability to see dreams become reality.

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