Horizon worlds guide isn’t something most people would have ever anticipated. The metaverse went from science fiction to science fact in the blink of an eye. And implementations like Horizon Worlds are so massive that you need a guide to get the most out of it. You’ll soon discover exactly what this shining example of the metaverse can provide.

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What Is Horizon Worlds?

Horizon Worlds is a metaverse implementation created by Meta, formally known as Facebook. The Horizon World system centers around user freedom. Horizon World’s hub, also known as the plaza, features portals to various virtual worlds. Other Horizon Worlds users typically create these worlds. In fact, creating virtual worlds in Horizon Worlds is as easy as using the system’s integrated creation tools.

Players can freely move around within these worlds, the plaza, or any other space. This also includes areas created by Meta Platforms. But one of the reasons why a Horizon Worlds Guide is so essential comes down to the system’s options. The larger Facebook metaverse is enormous. And you have the opportunity to explore user-created content, attend events, play games, or socialize. The creation tools are constantly expanding, and there are always new things to do and places for you to explore.

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Meta: The Parent of Horizon Worlds

A Horizon Worlds Guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning its parent company. Facebook became an industry leader in social media with its platform of the same name. And their rebranding as Meta highlights that it aims to do the same thing with the metaverse. This determination has led to some cutting-edge VR technology like the Oculus and project Cambria.

On the software side, Meta has created a thriving metaverse economy with Horizon Marketplace. And Horizon Home provides a cozier and smaller-scale alternative to the larger universe of Horizon Worlds. This and more have made meta synonymous with the metaverse.

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Oculus Quest: Device Needed to Enter Horizon Worlds

Every journey begins with a first step. And the first step into Horizon Worlds comes from finding the right virtual reality headset. The Oculus Quest is generally considered the best way to use Horizon Worlds. This is largely because Meta makes both the Oculus Quest and Horizon Worlds.

However, the Oculus Quest 2 is also significant due to its high quality. You’ll note that this Horizon Worlds Guide heavily emphasizes immersion. You can get the most enjoyment out of Horizon Worlds when you feel like you’re a part of it. The Oculus Quest 2 creates this immersion by providing a perfect combination of free wireless movement, graphical fidelity, and clear audio. The headset is even reasonably priced. You can find out more about the Oculus Quest 2 in the article “Oculus Quest 2: Overview, Features, Accessories and More!”.

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The Social Aspect

Part of what makes Horizon Worlds feel so real is the social nature of its environment. People aren’t just disembodied text or voices. A person’s avatar feels like an actual embodied human being. When they talk, their lips move. The sound of their voice raises or lowers depending on your distance from them. This Horizons Worlds Guide can sum it up in one word – immersion. The first time you talk to someone in Horizon Worlds will change how you look at VR and the metaverse because it is like you’re having a conversation with someone physically present.

Build Your Own Spaces in Horizon Worlds

One of the most exciting things about Horizon Worlds is that it helps you harness your creativity. Meta has made a scripting system it calls “script blocks”. Script blocks are roughly analogous to layers in Photoshop. The script blocks are essentially behavioral chains that define cause and effect. For example, a script block could control how a ball reacts to being released from someone’s hand. Or one script block holding a ball might interact with other code blocks controlling the physics in a basketball net to trigger changes to a game’s score.

A Horizon Worlds Guide can’t cover all of the creations that users have made. But part of the fun is just striking out to explore all of the new games and products people have made. These user-made creations often lack professional polish. But it’s always fun to explore a virtual universe of unlimited creativity.

horizon worlds guide building

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Your Quest Avatar as a Representation of You in the Virtual World

Using the technologies covered so far in the Horizon Worlds Guide requires an Oculus avatar. This is what people see when they look at you within the system. Don’t worry, making an avatar is a lot of fun. You have the freedom to play around with every aspect of your appearance. Meta released a new Quest system last year, bringing even more customizability and expressions. It has also announced that these avatars will be standardized over all of Meta’s platforms. You’ll be able to represent yourself with the same avatar over Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and all of Meta’s systems.

For more information about metaverse avatars, read “Metaverse Avatar Guide; Embody Yourself in the Metaverse”.

horizon worlds guide avatars

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8 Entertaining Horizon Worlds Games & Venues

Horizon Worlds is ultimately a living digital universe where people can let their creativity run wild. Some of the best content is user generated. Some great virtual environments come from Meta, and other exciting areas come from independent companies. There’s a virtually unlimited number of areas that deserve special attention. But you’ll soon see the Horizon Worlds Guide to eight of the most notable areas within the system.

Wing Strikes

Wing Strikes has become as famous as the metaverse blockchain among people interested in digital worlds. This notoriety is thanks to Meta’s recognition of Wing Strikes’ strengths and featured it in press releases for Horizon Worlds. It’s easy to see the multiplayer game’s appeal. After all, it lets you work with other players to fly planes around virtual worlds. This Horizon Worlds guide has highlighted that the system emphasizes immersion, socialization, and virtual environments. And Wing Strikes lets you enjoy those elements in a graphically intensive and all-around fun experience.

horizon worlds guide wing strikes

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Escape rooms are one of the more popular games in the physical world. This Horizon Worlds guide has touched on that virtual worlds tend to mirror real-world interests and trends. As such, it’s little surprise that escape rooms are popular in Horizon Worlds. And Interdimensional is one of the most popular games within the already popular genre. The game pairs you with another player to work with puzzles that provide symbols, items, and even hieroglyphics. However, the game also uses a gravity control system that’s exclusively controlled by one of the two players to create a collaborative experience.

horizon worlds guide interdimensional

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American Idol VR

American Idol is one of the biggest and longest-running contests in the physical world. And this Horizon Worlds guide once again highlights how often the physical and digital universes work in tandem. American Idol VR lets you use your vocal talents to compete within a public virtual space. There are differences from the show, such as no cash prize, not even metaverse crypto. But there are also similarities, such as the audience’s ability to show their feelings about a performance. The audience and competitors make the experience. And Saturdays generally provide the best mix of both of these elements.

horizon worlds guide american idol

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Arena Clash

Arena Clash is the first fast-paced PvP action shooter game in this Horizon Worlds guide. And there are several reasons why it deserves that honor. Arena Clash might seem like a typical PvP shooter at first glance. But the game’s polished map design takes standard gameplay elements to the next level. The maps are all designed to help maximize players’ strategic options. And additional gameplay mechanics like teammate resurrections help to enhance these strategic elements further. The actual path to victory in Arena Clash comes from solid teamwork. And this helps to emphasize the strong social component of Horizon Worlds.

horizon worlds guide arena clash

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Everyone has fond memories of hanging out in cozy spots on Friday nights. And who wouldn’t want to relive a chill Friday on the town whenever they desired? This Horizon Worlds guide has often shown how the metaverse brings imagination to life. And people have recreated just such an experience in Horizon Worlds in the form of Questy’s. You can buy virtual snacks while exploring a fun arcade restaurant. The music comes in the form of live performances you can join in on with your friends. And you can even play table tennis. It’s the perfect place to relax.

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UA Comedy Club

Comedy clubs are always a lot of fun for the audience and the comedian on stage. However, making it out to a local club can be daunting. But now you can forget the long drives and entrance fees. The Horizon Worlds guide can point you to the best open-mike comedy venue in the metaverse – UA Comedy Club. It lets you enjoy some hilarious jokes as audience members or take the stage yourself. And if you want to experience the best of the best, there are some excellent sets at Saturday’s The Headliner Show.

horizon worlds guide ua comedy club

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Kowloon: Nine Dragons

Sightseeing has a special place in most people’s hearts. There’s something unique about stepping into an unfamiliar town or city and seeing what it offers. This Horizon Worlds Guide has highlighted some great virtual areas for you to visit. But Kowloon: Nine Dragons is undoubtedly one of the best areas to go sightseeing within. It’s an imaginative mix of Hong Kong’s beautifully busy cityscape and Horizon Worlds’ special magic. The creators haven’t just made one of the largest areas in the system, and they’ve also created a true living city with great areas like the Flamingo Lounge.

horizon worlds guide Kowloon Nine Dragons

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Club Fuego

Club Fuego is a VR club whose unmistakable style sets it apart from the competition. This Horizon Worlds guide has demonstrated that the system can let you experience any number of exotic locations. And in this case, it allows you to step into a Latin-themed club with games and music. The Latin-inspired tunes and colorful atmosphere will get you in the mood to party. And you can do so with virtual cocktails at the ready. And you can even enjoy the music on another level by taking a turn in the DJ booth or on the dance floor.

horizon worlds guide club fuego

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Making Money on the Horizon Worlds Platform

The fact that the metaverse has real, thriving economies is remarkable. But people are often even more excited to find out just how easy it is to jump into them to start earning money. Every incarnation of the metaverse has its unique way of making money. But the following three options are the best way to earn money in Horizon Worlds.

Join Community Competitions

Meta holds community competitions with $10,000 rewards. This is part of a $10 million Horizon Creator’s fund for competitions and accelerator programs. It’s important to remember that game creation requires the advanced use of code block programming. But you can create a relaxing Horizon “explore” experience with less intensive methods.

Join the Creator Accelerator Program

Meta keeps many of the program’s details under wraps. But according to people in the accelerator program, the overall payment is based on the popularity of worlds you create. More visitors translates into a higher pay grade. One anonymous developer in the program mentioned his biggest monthly earnings were $6,200.

Create & Sell Virtual Items

Creation is a common theme in this Horizon Worlds guide, and you can make a significant profit by monetizing that process. The Horizon Worlds Create Mode provides a special commerce tab. You can use this and other in-system tools to make and sell virtual goods to other Horizon Worlds users.

A Horizon Worlds Guide to the Wider Metaverse

Horizon Worlds is a vast and continually growing environment. But there’s a whole digital universe out there to explore alongside it. Every metaverse tends to focus on different elements. And other metaverse brand options often appear exclusively in different metaverse instances. Decentraland, for example, emphasizes virtual land ownership. Breakroom has more emphasis on business use.

Others still might provide unique options for NFT ownership. Every part of the metaverse has something special to enjoy. You can find out about some of the other metaverse options in the article “Metaverse Virtual Worlds; The Best Way To Experience the Metaverse”.

A Horizon Worlds Guide to Roblox Games

Gaming is an integral part of this Horizon Worlds Guide. But the metaverse has other gaming options. Roblox, in particular, is a gaming hub within the metaverse. Users can play and create games within Roblox. And it’s estimated that over 20 million games have been created. Even larger companies have ventured into Roblox to offer unique content.

You can find everything from murder mystery games to life sims where you also manage a pizza franchise while raising pets. You can discover the best Roblox games in the article “Roblox Games: The Top 10 You Should Start Playing Today”.

There’s one step remaining at this point in the Horizon Worlds Guide. It’s time to use this information to enter into Horizon Worlds. It’s a virtual world full of fun, adventure, and great people. It’s a world ready for you.

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