Sandbox game usually refers to a specific video game genre. But The Sandbox Game is a unique game that leverages the metaverse’s power to provide a fantastic experience. It’s become one of the hottest games in the metaverse for a good reason. And you’ll soon discover just why people love it so much and how you can give it a try for yourself.

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An Introduction to the Larger Metaverse

The Sandbox Game is especially great, thanks to its association with the metaverse. But understanding the nature of the metaverse isn’t always easy. You can think of it as an always-on connection between the online/virtual world and the physical world. It’s all done through the use of new and innovative technologies.

How you experience the metaverse largely depends on which of these technologies you use.You can step into a boundless, entirely virtual, 3D space with a VR headset. Or you can use augmented reality (AR) systems to overlay the metaverse on top of the physical world. Even game consoles and smartphones can give you access to parts of the metaverse. The metaverse is a complete digital universe with all of the appeal of the physical.

This means you can socialize, play games, enjoy artistic expression, and explore all within the context of a vast system that’s always available. It’s always online, and your impact on it will continually persist. The metaverse is available now, but it’s constantly growing and developing into different forms. You can discover the full scope of the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Guide; Understanding The Basics Will Open Up a New World”.

What Qualifies Something as a Metaverse Game?

The Sandbox Game is remarkable because it’s a metaverse game rather than just a game in the metaverse. Standard games are essentially static and have set rules and levels. But metaverse games operate like games in the physical world. This means creativity, shared participation, and even the chance to buy and sell related goods.

The social aspect differs from social networks in allowing true freedom. Web3 and the metaverse free users from the confines of a single company’s rules. Sandbox Game, Axie Infinity, and more provide actual virtual worlds with true freedom. You can even earn money in them.

What Is The Sandbox Game?

Sandbox games allow you to explore large digital worlds within a video game. The term evokes the idea of playing in sandboxes when you’re a kid. You can build anything you want in a sandbox. And sandbox games try to capture that feeling. But sandbox games are still limited by the fact that they exist within the static medium of traditional non-metaverse gaming.

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The Sandbox Game brings that idea of freedom into the metaverse. It’s a virtual universe where you can do almost anything you want. Two smash hits on mobile exist within The Sandbox Game. These are The Sandbox (2011) and The Sandbox Evolution (2016). Combined, they have over 40 million downloads.

The Sandbox Game’s mission is to disrupt standard game-making systems and give people the ability to own their in-game user-generated content (UGC). Players can finally be rewarded for creating within a sandbox game environment.

Video: The Sandbox Explainer Video 1 – What is The Sandbox?

Tokens Used in The Sandbox Game

Cryptocurrency tends to be people’s first introduction to the idea of metaverse tokens. A token has many different properties. But it’s essentially defined by the fact that it can exist as a unique item. The Sandbox Game uses three main tokens to provide a wide variety of different services.


SAND is the primary native token found in The Sandbox Game. It’s generally used as a currency within the more extensive system. However, this ERC-20 token also takes advantage of the numerous features of the larger metaverse blockchain to provide extra functionality. Owning SAND automatically puts users into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO).

This means that by owning SAND, you gain the ability to propose and vote for changes to the underlying system. Owning SAND also increases your ability to find in-game resources like GEMs and CATALYSTs. This all makes SAND something of a self-rewarding system. Participating in the system’s economy provides rewards.

Video: Understanding SAND and What to Do With It


LAND is an ERC-721 metaverse blockchain-based token that essentially functions as real estate within The Sandbox Game. One of the system’s most important features is that you truly own your assets. You can do whatever you want with LAND. This includes selling it for a profit, combining multiple LAND tokens into an ESTATE, building on it, and even charging entry fees to monetize it.

For example, you could throw a party on an ESTATE made of LAND and post a cover charge for entry. There are currently 166,464 LAND pieces in the larger Sandbox Game system. It can be purchased with SAND or Ether in public LAND sales and auctions.

Video: What Can I Do With My LAND? – Intro // The Sandbox


ASSETS are a form of NFT created in the Sandbox Game. The NFT is first created using the VoxEdit tool. It’s then uploaded into the Sandbox Marketplace. From here, the raw assets are turned into true NFTs. The actual nature of the ASSETS users can vary on a case-by-case basis.

ASSETS can be traditional items like a hat or other apparel attached to a user’s avatar, but ASSETS can also take the form of buildings or moving vehicles. ASSETS can even be digital animals, which might function as pets.

Video: The Sandbox Explainer Video 2 – What are NFTs and how do they work?

The Components of the Sandbox Game Ecosystem

The Sandbox is best known as a game., but the full Sandbox Game consists of those game-based elements and a huge ecosystem of tertiary utilities and systems. The following components are some of the most important parts of the Sandbox Game’s ecosystem.

Game Maker

The Sandbox Game is, of course, a metaverse game, but the metaverse lends itself to unlimited freedom. And you can make sandbox games within The Sandbox Game using Game Maker. People have used Game Maker to create games whose genre ranges from puzzle to action-adventure.

But despite the name, Game Maker can also create non-game environments like art galleries and social hubs. You don’t even need to have prior coding experience. The Game Maker’s BLOCKS system makes designing environments around 32x32x32 voxel cubes easy. It’s a simple matter to learn through active work with the system.

Video: The Sandbox Game Maker Alpha – Introduction to Logic

The Sandbox Marketplace

NFTs are almost synonymous with the metaverse brand as a whole. And The Sandbox Game has its very own NFT marketplace. This is where users buy or trade in-game assets (ASSETS) through the SAND cryptocurrency. The NFTs aren’t just static images, though. Sandbox’s take on the concept can exist as anything from clothing to buildings.

The larger marketplace is essentially a central hub where all of the system’s unique tokens can be exchanged. And this is possible thanks to the fact that it’s a metaverse game. The connection to the metaverse means that the game can leverage the blockchain’s unique properties.

Video: The Sandbox NFT Marketplace Beta


Game Maker lets people leverage voxel assets. But VoxEdit is where users can put their creativity to work by making ASSETS. The system is divided up into four main components: users can try out the Modeler, Block Editor, Templates, and Animator. VoxEdit also opens up more text-heavy News and Tutorial sections.

VoxEdit isn’t just a collection of tools. It also contains all the resources needed to learn how to work with the system and stay up to date with the latest features. Users can leverage VoxEdit to make everything from clothing to scripted non-player characters possessing some degree of autonomy.

Video: VoxEdit – 3D Voxel Animator and NFT Maker – Carnivorous Plant

Making Money With The Sandbox Game

In most non-metaverse platforms, you’re put into a system that’s ultimately under the control of other people. But in metaverse systems like The Sandbox Game, you can build and create things for yourself. And this extends to making real money. This highlights the deeper metaverse meaning of freedom.

The previously mentioned ecosystem provides the tools to make assets, games, settings, and experiences. The demand for tokens monetizes the system itself. And the more people can drive demand by creating value for themselves, the more profitable the underlying system becomes. It’s an area where everyone wins when people make money on their in-system creations.

In addition to making assets, people can even make money through LAND ownership, similar to how it’s done in the physical world. Even names like Atari, Snoop Dog, and The Walking Dead are getting in on this monetization.

Six Interesting Sandbox Games & Locations

All of the ecosystem elements seen so far can be leveraged to create some amazing things. And the Sandbox Game’s userbase has done exactly that. What follows are six must-see games and activities within the Sandbox Game. While there are countless other great things to experience, these are the best of the best.

1. Dungeon of Dum-Yz

Dungeon of Dum-Yz is easily one of the best Sandbox games. Players can jump into Dum-Yz by simply accessing it in the Hub. When you start out, an NPC will equip you with a simple sword and send you on your way. The game’s Metaverse Guide will then assign an Alpha quest. This starts out something akin to the tutorial in most non-metaverse open-world games. You’ll even find a familiar map and marker system. Make sure to find the chest at the end of the game’s second challenge. It provides new players with a bronze breastplate that will be immensely useful later on.

Dungeon of Dum-Yz highlights a solid mix of puzzle-solving and dungeon-crawling RPG-based adventuring. But it also showcases the sheer versatility of the more extensive system. The Sandbox Game allows designers to model puzzles, dungeons, and even combat or parkour within the system’s engine.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha – Dungeon of Dum-yz

2. Sandbox Alpha Events

Sandbox Alpha Events are more of an interactive sightseeing tour of the larger Sandbox metaverse than a single game. Users will venture into eighteen different experiences hand-crafted by the Sandbox’s development team. An “Alpha Pass” aids this exploration. The Alpha Pass is an NFT-based ticket that opens up all associated experiences. It also allows users to earn up to 1,000 SAND and some additional NFTs.

However, people without an Alpha Pass can still enjoy some of this content. Three of the Sandbox Alpha Events are open to anyone whether they’re participating. But the Play-to-Earn reward system will be locked off to people who aren’t participating in the official Sandbox Alpha Events. One of the particularly notable aspects of this event is how it uses NFTs as a key to entry and participation.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha Season 2 – Day 2

3. Mega City

Mega City is still a work in progress without an entire release. But that also speaks to the sheer grandeur of the Mega City project. Mega City leverages The Sandbox Game as a platform to create something akin to Hong Kong. But the project goes far beyond simply acting as a mirror of Hong Kong. It is, in part, a celebration of Hong Kong’s vibrant talent. But it’s also a bridge to its future. It’s a conceptual future Hong Kong that shows where the people’s inner spirit and drive are leading the culture.

Some of Mega City’s structures will be familiar to the physical world. In contrast, others exist only as a digital manifestation of their creator’s imagination. Some notable locations include UFO School, Ocean Park, Time Gates of Hong Kong Pop Culture, and Regal Hotels Group. It has business, banking, and entertainment galore.

Video: Ocean Park – The Sandbox Mega City 2

4. Gutter City

Gutter City represents a partnership between two visionary groups – Gutter Cat Gang and BlazeGames. Gutter City can be seen in many different ways. On the surface, Gutter City is a living city filled with digital life. Think about the kind of wild city life that you typically only encounter in fiction. Dive bars and fast cars can be found around every corner. The perfect real estate overlooks wild dance parties. The high-life twines around a seedy but are always entertaining urban underbelly.

Gutter City is an undeniably unique experience. But how it works is just as impressive as the experience of entering it. Gutter City is the first fully-developed NFT town in The Sandbox Game. It’s a metropolis essentially created from the ground up with NFTs. Where NFTs can even come to life in the form of free-roaming non-player characters or vehicles. Gutter City highlights the power of metaverse components.

Video: Gutter City – The Sandbox Preview – Gutter Bar Grand Opening

5. Club XYZ

If there was a local venue where Deadmau5 was a common sight, it’s almost a given that you’d become a regular. And that’s exactly what Club XYZ is aiming to become. It’s a virtual nightclub within The Sandbox Game with a flavor everyone should experience. You can relax, dance, drink and generally soak up the ambiance. But one of the wildest parts of Club XYZ is that it’s also a game. All of those activities and more can be experienced as part of a larger Night Club quest.

Once you get to Club XYZ, you must talk to the metaverse guide. This will initiate the Club XYZ alpha quest, which will take you to four main interest points on the larger map. This isn’t the action-packed gaming experience of many Sandbox games. But the more atmospheric style makes it a truly unique and enjoyable experience.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha – Club XYZ

6. NFT Institute

Without checking out its museums, no visit to a thriving metropolis would be complete. The largest cities in the world often have the most elaborate and awe-inspiring museums. And The Sandbox Game is no exception to that rule. The NFT Institute is a truly fantastic example of a metaverse-based museum.

One of the most exciting things about the NFT Institue is how it relates to the metaverse and physical world. The NFT institute emulates some aspects of the physical world’s most impressive museums. It features remarkable glass ceilings and sprawling architecture. But it also encases and celebrates the digital. The NFT Institute is home to a wide range of NFTs. These items celebrate aspects of the underlying technology, Sandbox, and artistic ingenuity. And you’ll even find the tour guides you’d expect from a museum in the physical world. There’s also a digital map that will help guide your journey.

Video: The Sandbox Alpha – The NFT Institute

The Sandbox Game and the Larger Universe of Metaverse Worlds

You’ve seen just how much there is to see and do within The Sandbox Game. But that immense world is just one of many that you can explore in the larger metaverse. The entire metaverse is a living universe featuring a continual flow of new content. Some metaverses like Decentraland focus on real estate.

Others, like Breakroom, offer methods to translate traditional business pursuits into the digital domain. Every metaverse implementation has unique elements to delve into and explore. You can find a guide to these worlds in the article “Metaverse Virtual Worlds; The Best Way To Experience the Metaverse”.

Options That Perfectly Complement The Sandbox Game

The Sandbox Game is notable as one of the most advanced metaverse games. But the larger universe of the metaverse has some other amazing options to try out. Metaverse games often focus on particular interests. For example, Axie Infinity is a perfect match for people who love video games that have monster raising or customization.

And many of the metaverse games also give you the ability to earn metaverse crypto by playing. You can literally earn by playing. You can discover the best of the best metaverse games in the article “Top 10 Popular Metaverse Games To Explore Right Now”.

The Sandbox Game promises some amazing experiences. It’s a full world to discover and help create. And that journey can begin right now. You simply need to use what you’ve just learned to venture out into the Sandbox’s immense world.

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