NFT crypto has been making the news for some time now. The blockchain has proven itself to be a technological innovation changing almost every industry. NFT and blockchain-related technologies provide an exciting world of innovation and profit for those who keep up with it. And you’ll soon see the most notable and vital NFT crypto projects of all time.

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What is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT)?

NFTs have become an increasingly common point of discussion. However, for all the talk about NFTs, there’s often very little recognition. But understanding where the technology is going requires understanding how it all works.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens. This is a complex way of defining something as a unique entity. For example, the Mona Lisa would be considered non-fungible. You can take a photograph of the Mona Lisa. Countless prints have been made of it. But there’s only one unique and utterly priceless painting, the authentic entity.

NFTs can bring the concept into the digital world thanks to the blockchain. This digital ledger verifies an entity as the original. And NFT crypto projects build on this. You can take an even deeper dive into the history and design of NFTs in the article “NFT Guide; Everything You Need To Know About NFTs”.

What Are NFT Crypto Projects and Collections?

The fact that NFTs are unique might not seem like a technological breakthrough at first. But consider how uniqueness factors into the material world. Most recreational spending in the physical world translates into a search for uniqueness. People try to create a unique look for their homes. They create unique outfits by finding less well-known items to put together as an outfit. And of course, collectibles, in general, are defined by some parts being rarer than others.

NFTs crypto projects work in a similar way for the digital world. And these projects often come in the form of collections. NFT collections are somewhat analogous to trading cards in the physical world. Every physical trading card is a unique entity or token, and some trading cards are especially rare. The more scarcity, the higher the value. And the same is true of collective NFTs crypto projects.

A collection is usually generated in one large batch. This is sometimes even aided by artificial intelligence. The result is an extensive collection of unique NFTs with different characteristics. Rare items can sell for hundreds of thousands or millions. And they can even serve as proof of membership for exclusive events.

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What Are Blue Chip NFT Crypto Collections?

One of the critical parts of learning about a new field is the terminology. For example, the term blue chip is commonly applied to NFT crypto projects. This might seem like a mysterious technological designation. But it essentially just means that a project is stable, well-known, and seen as a solid long-term investment. The term is often found in a similar context within traditional investing markets.

A blue-chip NFT and a blue-chip stock are both considered safe investments within their particular domain. But it’s crucial for NFTs as it shows that the concept has itself become stabilized.

The Top 10 Famous NFT Crypto Projects

There are a lot of unique NFT crypto projects out there. But any competitive field will always have some entries which rank as the best of the best. And ten NFTs crypto projects have distinguished themselves with both long-term success and innovation. The following projects have all achieved notable success and bring something unique.


Matt Hall and John Watkinson conducted an experiment back in 2017. They were curious about the intersection of advanced technology and artistic expression. The result of that curiosity was a program that created 10,000 24×24 images in the style of 8-bit pixel art—over 9,000 of the images depicted standard men and women.

But aliens, apes, and even zombies were represented in the remaining pieces. Each of the images also had more or fewer accessories than the others. The more accessories in an image – the rarer it was. In 2017, these early examples of NFT crypto art sold for between $1 and $34, today the rarest can sell for millions.

With the most expensive sale coming in at $11.7 million. The project was one of the first widely recognized examples of NFT collections. And it also served to highlight how AI can act as digital paintbrushes.

nft crypto cryptopunks

Image attribution: LarvaLabs

Bored Ape Yacht Club

Bored Ape Yacht Club may well be the best-known NFT crypto project of all time. On a technical level, the project consisted of an initial run of 10,000 small images, which were then minted as NFTs. This link to the blockchain gives the NFTs some special attributes.

The price for one of these NFTs is often remarkably high, and they’ve had a trading volume of over $750 million. People who own these NFTs can leverage them as a keycard to gain access to special services. This includes a private Discord server. And, of course, the metaverse blockchain works with crypto and opens virtual doors on some servers.

New blockchain support on Twitter also allows for the use of these images in profiles. Many of these NFT owners are celebrities in their own right. And they’re generally seen as a tight-knit club whose members share a singular artistic spirit.

nft crypto bored ape yacht club

Image attribution: Bored Ape Yacht Club


Azuki is a digital brand attached to a series of 10,000 NFT crypto images. The art style has a unique anime-inspired theme which helps lend Azuki a unique feel. Each of the images varies in significant detail. They feature different hairstyles, clothing options, accessories, and even backgrounds. You might even find some holding 80s-style boomboxes or ancient swords.

Azuki was able to secure an underrepresented artistic niche before anyone else. This has been an essential part of their growth and widespread fame. Azuki’s become especially popular in Asian countries, often feeling a particular affinity for the art style.

The artists behind Azuki have since joined up with a team of other artistic innovators in The Garden. The Garden initiative is an internet-based group that features innovators in web 3.0, art, and all kinds of creation. These factors have all earned Azuki widespread recognition as a blue-chip option.

nft crypto azuki

Image attribution: Azuki


CloneX is an NFT crypto collection with 20,000 unique items and strong ties to the metaverse. The 20,000 NFTs are subdivided into eight DNA categories. The allusion to human DNA goes beyond terminology. CloneX NFTs are meant to highlight the idea of inclusivity.

Almost anyone can find themselves represented by the avatars and characters in the CloneX series. This is thanks in part to the fact that the NFTs have a wide range of clothing, hair, and accessories. But even rare skin conditions like vitiligo are found within the CloneX series.

However, like in the offline world, many of these traits are extremely rare. There are also angels, demons, reptiles, undead, Murakami, aliens, and robots. The NFT’s overall value is tied to scarcity. And the project’s ties to the metaverse and metaverse crypto make them even more sought after. CloneX holders can even freely edit the associated 3D files.


NBA Top Shots

Trading cards have always been popular among sports fans. Top Shots leverages that popularity into the world of NFT crypto. In fact, the NBA is an official part of this project alongside Dapper Labs. The blockchain used for this differs from most other NFTs crypto projects. Instead of Etherium, it uses the FLOW blockchain created by Dapper Labs.

The NBA licenses digital art and event highlights to Dapper Labs. The company then creates Moments from these assets. The Moments are essentially video highlights that are minted as NFTs. The NFTs are then grouped as a collection. These collections are minted together as “Packs”, similar to a pack of sports cards.

Each item in the collection is similar to a traditional trading card. Like trading cards, all of the Moments have levels of scarcity. Some moments are extremely rare, and these have a correspondingly higher value.

Video: NBA Top Shot: Collectible Art Revealed


Most people have fond memories of doodling figures in their school notebooks. The popularity of the Doodles NFT crypto collection attests to just how well they capture that universal sentiment. These NFTs were created by artists working under the handles of Tulip, Burnt Toast, and Poopie.

People might know them better by their actual names – Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro. Castro and Keast are especially notable as the creators of an early and influential NFT crypto project called CryptoKitties. Martin might be a newcomer to the previously established duo. But his unique art formed the basis for hundreds of visual traits used in the Doodles NFTs.

These traits were then digitally mixed to form 10,000 unique NFTs. These include familiar real-world sights like humans, cats, and pickles. But the unique doodle style also lends a unique take to skeletons, sentient burning flame, apes, and many other subjects.

nft crypto doodles

Image attribution: Doodles


The Meebits are one of the NFTs crypto projects with awe-inspiring scope. To begin with, the Meetbits run consists of 20,000 individual NFTs. They also use a unique and artistically striking 3D voxel style. This technique lends a unique look to the algorithmic design.

But it’s the intent of the Meebits which has caught the public’s attention. It’s the 3rd NFT collectible from Larva Labs. And it was clear from the start that Meebits would be as successful as their earlier CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs. The public trust in Larva Labs was so readily apparent that Meebits initially sold for a full 2.5 ETH.

The 3D design of Meebits is undoubtedly impressive. But the design is more than just an aesthetic choice. Meebits are fully supported in 3D environments. This means they can be brought into 3D virtual worlds within the metaverse as either an avatar or accessory.

nft crypto meebits

Image attribution: The Meebits

Cool Cats

Cool Cats are an NFT crypto collection that consists of 9,999 different NFTs. The Cool Cats were created through an algorithm that manipulated 300,000 potential combinations to create intentional scarcity among the collection.

The individual NFTs can differ in bodies, hair, clothing, accessories, and similar factors. These traits fall under a ranking of how “cool” they are. The rarer a Cool Cat, the cooler. About half of the collection is ranked as cool. They’re further divided into “wild”, “exotic”, and “classy”.

Cool Cats are owned by celebrities as notable as Mike Tyson, Reese Witherspoon, and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.

Video: 9,999 Random Cats! #shorts

World of Women

There are a lot of inspiring women in the physical world. And World of Women is an NFT crypto project designed to celebrate that fact in the digital realm. The founder of the project, Yam, is an example of a powerful and talented woman who’s successfully extended her work onto the blockchain.

World of Women (WoW) consists of 10,000 unique NFTs featuring women with their strengths. The influential and diverse figures in these NFTs are all created through Yam’s artistic style and programmable predetermined scarcity.

The project’s success was almost a given since Yam was its driving force. She’d already created Women by Yam – Females in the spotlight. Inclusion can easily be seen as one of Yam’s creative muses. She ensures that all women have a place within the NFT world. And her artwork celebrates that fact by promoting diversity and female empowerment.

nft crypto world of women

Image attribution: World of Women


Moonbirds began with a blue-chip status in mind right from the start. And the designers used some techniques that are still rare in any of the other NFTs crypto projects. The Moonbirds are incredibly recognizable, thanks to their genuinely timeless pixel art style. But it’s utility more than anything else, which has ended up defining the Moonbirds NFT crypto option.

For starters, Moonbirds unlock membership into an exclusive club with benefits like entry into an NFT-locked Discord server. This provides additional information about community events, extra benefits, and similar boons.

Moonbirds also boast a unique feature called nesting. Holders initiate nesting by storing a Moonbird in their crypto wallet. This instantly begins a time accrual process tied to the individual NFT. As nesting time goes up, the NFT will also gain tier levels. This is known as upgrading the nest. These features have motivated collectors and increased value.

nft crypto moonbirds

Image attribution: Moonbirds

How To Buy NFT Crypto and Other Blockchain Resources

How do you go about buying NFT crypto or related blockchain technologies? NFTs are currently gaining massive popularity in a wide variety of different digital spaces. Metaverse companies are using NFTs in the context of metaverse brands for fashion. Sports franchises are capturing historical moments as NFTs. And the ability to buy and sell these resources is a win for everyone involved. One of the best places to get started is in the NFT markets themselves.

Some of the most popular NFT markets provide a lot of help for people getting started. The only actual requirement is a blockchain wallet compatible with the service. Essentially, if you can use cryptocurrency, you’re probably already set up to buy and store crypto projects. Even making your own is surprisingly easy. You can find a step-by-step guide to buying NFTs in the article “Buy NFT Guide: How to Buy NFTs”.

Twitter’s Rise Among NFT Crypto Projects

It’s impossible to overstate social media’s importance to the modern world. And Twitter, in particular, has become intertwined with almost every aspect of the news cycle. But many people have noticed something unusual in their Twitter feeds. More and more users now have a hexagonal profile picture than the standard circular one. The reason for the different profile formats isn’t apparent. But when you see that hexagon, it means a profile image is an NFT.

Twitter’s currently implementing full blockchain and NFT crypto support within its more extensive framework. NFT profile pictures are the first and most readily apparent change. But even this has been enough to make Twitter the easy winner in the race to add blockchain support to social media. The article “Twitter NFT; First Social Media Platform to Support NFT Technology” shows how Twitter reached this point and where it’s going in the future.

You’ve seen some of the most exciting projects which use NFT crypto. But getting the most out of them means actual participation. You can personally experience all these projects and more by exploring NFTs. The only limit is your imagination.

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