Buy NFT discussions are an essential part of the modern digital experience. Blockchain and NFT news come up all the time. However, crypto technologies like NFT tend to grow and change rapidly. You need up-to-date information to make the right choices when working with NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the blockchain. And that’s exactly what you’re about to discover.

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What is a Non-Fungible Token(NFT)?

The first step to buy NFT options is understanding what’s meant by the term. You might assume that an NFT is a unique image that can be bought and sold. But there’s a lot more to NFTs. NFT stands for non-fungible token. This essentially references a digital entity that can’t be replaced or copied due to an association with the more significant blockchain. On top of this, an NFT can lend that unique property to associated data.

The process of tying something to an NFT and, by association, the blockchain is known as minting or tokenizing. This process is most commonly used with image files to create a digital analog to one-of-a-kind art. But it’s useful for anything that benefits from unique or scarce digital resources. You can discover the complete history and future of NFTs in the article “NFT Guide; Everything You Need To Know About NFTs”.

Having Crypto Wallets to Buy NFTs

The digital world tends to mirror the physical. Just as you use a wallet in the physical world, you’ll need a crypto wallet to buy NFT-related items in the digital realm. As the name suggests, crypto wallets are used with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But it’s essential to keep in mind that crypto wallets don’t contain cryptocurrency. The wallets have keys that point to and unlock data within the blockchain. It’s analogous to storing keys in a safe within your physical wallet. A crypto wallet’s key system only takes seconds to access the blockchain.

The fact that crypto wallets interact with the blockchain also means that they work with almost anything stored. The wallet’s scope includes cryptocurrency. And it also has NFTs. So you can use a crypto wallet to send cryptocurrency to buy NFTs. And those NFTs can, in turn, be sent to your crypto wallet.

You have a wide variety of choices for crypto wallet services. Some, like MetaMask, focus on wallet functionality. Others, like Coinbase, act as both a crypto exchange and crypto wallet. Companies like Trezor and Ledger even offer hardware wallets to store your crypto.

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What Is an NFT Marketplace?

Of course, the main point of a crypto wallet comes from buying, selling, and storing your assets. Where do people spend their cryptocurrency on NFTs? The short answer is that people buy NFTs at NFT marketplaces. These services are roughly analogous to markets in the offline world. You can usually buy a wide variety of different NFTs within these markets.

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But when you decide to buy NFT-related goods, you’ll discover a vital point about markets. There’s a wide variety of different NFTs out there. Some operate as streamlined services similar to eBay. They’re designed around ease of use that will appeal to newcomers. Others, like augmented markets, work more like art auctions and tend to have more curated inventories of NFTs. You can get an in-depth look at some of the most popular NFT marketplaces in the article “NFT Marketplaces; The Top 10 Markets for Your NFT Needs”.

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Buying Your NFT

The process of actually purchasing NFTs is more straightforward than you might expect. Most markets let you buy NFT-related goods in the style of a digital auction. However, other markets might work more like exchanges that feature the highest and lowest bid results for multi-print NFTs.

This Buy NFTs Guide will examine some individual markets. But it’s best to think of them as a larger community for the moment. Like any community, there’s a heavy social element. Buying NFTs publically also means you have an excellent chance to resell in-demand items for a profit. This can provide almost instant profits.

Never Forget About Extra Fees When Buying an NFT

NFT markets are often fairly straightforward when you get the hang of them. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that they all share some extra fees due to the nature of the more extensive blockchain. Most blockchains use something known as a proof-of-work mining model. This process leverages a decentralized computing system to process blockchain transactions, the “blocks” you see listed on crypto transactions. Processing blocks carry an extra fee on the initial transaction cost, typically called “gas fees”.

When you consider whether to buy NFT assets, it’s vital to make sure you have enough extra cryptocurrency in your wallet to cover these processing fees. Thankfully the fees are usually relatively small. But it’s in part due to the ever-increasing use of decentralized finance and NFT sectors. Stable usage patterns tend to result in stable processing fees.

What Are the Most Popular NFT Marketplaces Out There?

You’ve seen a few prerequisites that you’ll need to take care of before shopping for NFTs. But when you’re ready to buy NFT options, the fun can start. There are a lot of different NFT markets to choose from, and it’s often like browsing through the most exciting stories in the world. Part of the fun of working with NFTs comes from exploring that larger ecosystem. But the following options are considered the best of the best. Each of them is a great option to start with.


buy nft guide open sea

OpenSea is one of the best markets for people getting started with NFTs. This is partly because you’re able to buy NFT assets from one of the largest selections that Web 3.0 offers. Additionally, it’s effortless to use OpenSea. Even beginners will be able to buy and sell NFTs without much effort. On top of that, the system even makes it easy to create NFTs. You can browse, create, and buy NFTs from different categories and collections. This even includes NFTs that have special functions, as membership passes. And everything is powered by Ethereum.

Binance NFT Marketplace

buy nft guide binance nft

The Binance NFT Marketplace features three categories: events, marketplace, and mystery box. Events are attractions that bring collections from influential artists together. The marketplace is a more open environment where approved artists sell their wares at either a fixed rate or within an auction. And the mystery box, as the name suggests, is always full of surprises. It’s one of the more fun ways to buy NFT options on Binance. The mystery box features a wide variety of NFT artwork that’s best described as rare, exotic, and enticing. And Binance even has both native and Etherium blockchain support.

Nifty Gateway

Nifty is a common slang term for NFTs. And Nifty Gateway was formed under a mission statement to get “1 billion people collecting Nifties”. Duncan Cock Foster and Griffin Cock Foster’s twin brothers, who created Nifty Gateway, are making steady progress toward that goal. They’ve even caught the attention of many famous artists like Beeple and Grimes. Nifty Gateway distinguishes itself through an impressive NFT curation policy. If you want to buy NFT options that favor quality over quantity, then Nifty Gateway might be what you’re looking for. It even uses limited-time “drops” to build both hype and scarcity.


SuperRare is a great market to buy NFT selections from if you have a taste for exclusive and unique items. The market has a lot of big names backing it. These patrons range from Mark Cuban to Ashton Kutcher. Even Samsung Next has invested in the platform. SuperRare puts a lot of care into approving artists who want to sell on their market. SuperRare describes itself as “Instagram meets Christie’s”. It even incurs an initial 15% commission on new artists. But in turn, they’ll receive a 10% royalty. This helps to ensure a level of dedication and exclusivity.


Rarible is an excellent market for people interested in a more experimental approach to NFTs. It uses a lot of new technologies to provide a unique experience. For example, Rarible uses Dapper Labs’ Flow blockchain to offer swift and complex transactions. It’s also working toward using the blockchain for organizational governance as a decentralized autonomous organization. You can buy NFT options on Rarible through searchable categories, including photography, games, and even memes, and NFTs are implemented through two standards. Rarible uses ERC-721 and ERC-1155, allowing Rarible to offer unique singular items and multiple editions.

What Kinds of NFTs Are Available to Buy

Image-based NFTs get a lot of attention. But there’s far more to NFTs than just images. NFTs encompass any aspect of the digital landscape which can benefit from being a unique, singular entity. There’s an essentially limitless variety of NFTs that can be created, collected, or sold. But when you buy NFT assets, they’ll usually fall into one of the following categories. Consider these items in the buy NFTs guide to be the most common and popular options within the larger marketplace.


When you buy NFT assets, you’ll notice that art is a popular choice on the markets. And works of art can command an impressive price comparable to the demand. For example, an NFT called “The First 5000 Days” sold for $69.3 million in a Christie’s auction. One of the reasons for NFT art’s popularity is the long-time demand. Art collectors have existed for as long as art itself. But it’s always driven by scarcity. Collectors want unique pieces rather than copies. This is possible for the first time with digital art, thanks to NFTs and blockchains.

buy nft guide art

Image attribution: Rarible

Digital Collectibles

Scarcity and collectibles go hand in hand. The rarity of its contents defines any collection. And until recently, this meant that collectibles were always physical items. That is until NFTs were created. NFTs are inherently unique in the same way as physical items. Even if an NFT is part of a collection, each item is a unique instance. This is similar to how a limited run of collectible cards might be issued in the physical world. And in fact, NFT-based versions of collectible cards are pretty popular. Buy NFT collectibles, and you have something unique.

buy nft guide collectibles

Image attribution: OpenSea Collections

Sport Collectibles

Baseball cards were among the first pop-culture items recognized as inherently valuable collectibles. And this enthusiasm for collecting sports items has traveled into the digital realm. Many people decide to buy NFT collectibles due to their love of a particular sport. The National Basketball Association and WWE have been particularly notable for fully embracing NFTs. And an NFT video of Mick Foley being thrown by the Undertaker even sold for $100,000. The NBA has taken this further by listing every NBA Top Shot clip as an NFT. And they’re on sale on Top Shot’s marketplace.

buy nft guide sport nft

Image attribution: NBA Top Shot

Digital Real Estate

Real estate is one of the prime examples of scarcity equaling value in the physical world. The metaverse’s digital world operates under a similar principle. Some metaverse implementations like Decentraland and The Sandbox implement land scarcity to create value. Meanwhile, Upland maps real-world addresses into a play-to-earn metaverse implementation. The immense size of Upland means some virtual land sells for dollars while in-demand areas go for sizable amounts. These systems use NFTs to implement ownership of the unique digital real estate. When you buy NFT land in the metaverse, you can usually even build on it with more NFTs.

buy nft guide digital land propert

Image attribution: Decentraland Land Marketplace


Music has been tightly bound to technology ever since the first audio recording in 1877. New technologies like analog magnetic tape, optical media, and file compression changed how people relate to music. The most recent breakthrough was audio streaming. Spotify and Apple Music, in particular, have left a mark on the public consciousness. But NFTs are proving themselves to be just as important to musical artists. Many people buy NFT music directly from the musicians who created it. Two big names who’ve embraced this model are Grimes and the Rolling Stones. NFTs can even bundle physical and virtual musical merchandise.

buy nft guide music nft

Image attribution: OpenSea Music Collections

In-Game Items

Video games have their economies, items, and even clothing. These are typically limited to a particular video game. But the blockchain makes it possible for developers to let NFT-based resources cross between games. This is a new trend, but it’s already appearing in some games like Axie Infinity. The titular Axies are virtual creatures that can be trained in-game and sold as NFTs. Video games emulating collectible card games are also perfectly matched with NFTs. And many games with play-to-earn models reward players with cryptocurrency. Players can often even create or buy NFT-based objects within blockchain-oriented games.

buy nft guide in game nft

Image attribution: DMarket

Domain Names

Domain names are what you type into a browser’s URL bar to load websites. These are usually owned and leased out by domain name providers like GoDaddy or Google Domains. But you can also buy NFT domain names. Domain NFTs are also known as decentralized domains and exist as one-time purchases. This means that you fully own the rights to a domain name if it’s an NFT. There’s no need to renew it or worry about any violation of terms of services that might revoke your license. Domain NFTs even act as public keys which can receive cryptocurrency payments.

buy nft guide domain name nft

Image attribution: Unstoppable Domains

Ticket & Membership NFTs

Keys are a critical part of the blockchain. And NFTs can themselves act as a key or password to restricted services. For example, an “Alpha Pass” NFT gave users access to The Sandbox when that metaverse was still in alpha testing. And many NFTs under other categories double as membership NFTs. The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are among the best-known examples of NFTs functioning as both art and a pass to enjoy members-only bonuses within the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Other services let you buy NFT membership items that work like physical cards tied to accounts with recurring payments.

buy nft guide ticket membership nft

Image attribution: Get Protocol

A Choice To Buy NFT Options Puts You on the Road to the Metaverse Blockchain

When buying NFT-related assets, you’re not just shopping for good deals. You’re also participating in a groundbreaking new way to relate to the digital world. The fact that NFTs are linked to the blockchain also makes them part of a larger metaverse. And the metaverse is itself a whole virtual universe filled with exciting new concepts.

Metaverse companies are creating a wide range of hardware and software projects that will enable you to forge a whole virtual life for yourself. You can find out about other cutting-edge metaverse endeavors in the article “The Most Interesting Metaverse Blockchain Projects”.

When You Buy NFT Options You’re Participating in an Important Trend

Metaverse companies aren’t just creating new NFT-related projects. They’re also setting up recent trends which shape the larger culture. For example, people usually think of video games and other software as inherently separate. But the blockchain makes it easier to share unique data between these systems. You can now buy NFT assets in one software platform and use them in another.

Blockchain-related trends are essentially shaping how people relate to new groundbreaking technologies. You can discover more about the exciting trends shaping the metaverse in the article “Metaverse Trends; Upcoming Milestones for the Digital Frontier”.

You now have all the tools you need to buy NFT-related goods. The next step is simply setting up a crypto wallet and looking through the markets. There’s an exciting world of NFTs waiting to be discovered.

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