Sony PlayStation VR2 easily qualifies as one of the most widely anticipated VR-related technologies. Many current VR fans have Sony’s first headset to thank for their introduction to the hobby and have been waiting for a follow-up. The VR2 might not be on the market yet. But you’ll soon learn everything that’s currently known about the upcoming Sony VR2 release.

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A Quick Look at Sony

Sony Group Corporation is an industry leader in a variety of technical fields. It’s one of the largest manufacturers of image sensors and currently has a 55% market share. It’s also the second-largest camera manufacturer and a leader in semiconductor sales. Sony’s stated goal is to deliver “kando” and “anshin”.

Kando translates to emotion and anshin, roughly, to peace of mind. Of course, the public is most familiar with Sony Corporation’s Entertainment, Technology & Services division (ET&S). The company has become synonymous with innovative video game development. And their success with VR makes the Sony PlayStation VR2 especially intriguing.

What Is the PlayStation?

Sony and the PlayStation are almost synonymous with each other in the minds of gamers. Sony’s original console was simply known as the PlayStation. It was among the first consoles to use 3D graphics and an optical drive. The advanced technology and entertaining games caught the attention of both the young and old alike.

The PlayStation made history as the first console to ship over 100 million units. It’s little surprise that Sony’s follow-up, the PlayStation 2, was a hit when it launched in 2000. The console’s then quite rare DVD player continued to highlight the company’s dedication to technological innovation. A smaller and more inexpensive version of the original PlayStation called the PS One also shipped that same year. This set a solid precedent for the PlayStation’s numbering system.

Today the newest iteration, the PlayStation 5, provides some impressive cutting-edge options. The base model supports Ultra HD Blu-ray discs. Though gamers can also go with the Digital Edition which trades the Blu-ray support for a lower overall cost. But all PlayStation 5 models support 4K resolution at up to 120 frames per second. And it’ll soon augment that graphical scope even further when the Sony PlayStation VR2 is released.

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What Is the Current State of PlayStation VR?

The original PlayStation VR was released for use with the PlayStation 4. It’s an impressive VR headset that provides dual lenses, 3D depth sensors, and position tracking through the PlayStation camera. Input is provided by the PlayStation Move and Dualshock.

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The headset also provides extra polish with features like a mirror mode that lets others see what you’re looking at in VR. The current PlayStation VR is fully compatible with the PlayStation 5. However, it’s still technology designed around the limitations of the PlayStation 4. While the Sony PlayStation VR2 headset will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5’s power.

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Sony Announces the PlayStation VR2

The Sony PlayStation VR2 was first announced at the 2022 CES. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the PlayStation VR’s successor. The announcement set the release date for some point in the first quarter of 2023. But there’s still no exact date for the release or any pricing details.

The original PlayStation VR was a groundbreaking device that brought VR into people’s living rooms. But a lot’s changed since it was released back in 2016. Gamers and tech enthusiasts alike are eager to see how Sony will incorporate the larger-scale advancements in VR tech into their new VR2 headset.

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Features of Sony’s PlayStation VR2

All of this leads to one important question. What is known about the Sony PlayStation VR2? Thankfully, Sony has confirmed some of the most important information about this next-gen virtual reality headset. And industry experts have been able to extrapolate even more from confirmed designs. This includes everything ranging from the headset’s build to its technical specs.

The Build

The Sony PlayStation VR2 is instantly differentiated from its predecessor by its slimmer and sleeker design. It also has a more subdued color scheme to better match the PlayStation 5’s theme. The blue lights found on the original PSVR units are no longer in use. And the headset as a whole is themed around a striking black and white color scheme. It also has some subtle, but important changes for better usability. For example, the VR2 headset has a vent that can prevent the lenses from fogging. It also features an adjustment dial for a better fit on users’ heads.

sony playstation vr2 specs

Image attribution: PlayStation

Visual & Audio Specs

The original PSVR used a resolution of 960×1080. But the Sony PlayStation VR2 offers a huge leap forward in visual clarity. The VR2 headset provides users with clear OLED panels with a 2000×2040 resolution. The new virtual reality headset also leverages HDR and a full 110-degree field to provide truly stunning effects. And it can shift refresh rates between 90Hz and 120Hz. The VR2’s extra processing power will also scale resolution and foveated rendering based on viewing direction and eye position. These immersive changes are pushed even further with Tempest 3D AudioTech. Users will enjoy next-gen visual and audio effects.

sony playstation vr2 specs audio video

Image attribution: PlayStation


One of the reasons why the metaverse has become so popular is that VR controls are becoming more immersive. VR was still a fairly new experience when the PlayStation VR launched. But today’s metaverse companies have revolutionized how people interact with online avatars. The Sony PlayStation VR2 is building on that technology to dramatically improve players’ immersion within virtual reality. The VR2 headset uses finger-touch detection so that you don’t have to fully press down for the system to register your fingers. Triggers can vary resistance to mimic virtual environments. And controls will even create vibrations to convey environmental feedback.

sony playstation vr2 controllers

Image attribution: Pocket Lint

The Experience

One of the biggest differences between the original PSVR and the Sony PlayStation VR2 comes down to immersion. The VR2 headset can make you feel like you’re more directly immersed within a game’s world. This is often due to hepatic effects that simulate different environmental stimuli. For example, the headset has a motor to add vibration effects. This might simulate the feeling of an object moving close to your head. And the headset can detect eye movement to intuit what you’re looking at and what it’s making you feel. The system can even enhance details in whatever you’re focused on.

sony playstation vr2 controls

Image attribution: PlayStation

Games for Sony PlayStation VR2

The official announcement of the Sony PlayStation VR2 is still fairly recent. But more than twenty games have been announced to be included with the PlayStation VR2. Horizon Call of the Mountain has been shown off to the public. But the other upcoming VR2 games exist as little more than announcements. However, there are some big names on their way to the headset. This includes Among Us VR, Jurrasic Park, No Man’s Sky, multiple Resident Evil games, and The Walking Dead. But VR is big news these days. So it’s almost a given that it will have great games.

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Sony PlayStation VR2 and the Larger VR Ecosystem

The Sony PlayStation VR2 is the only new VR headset coming to the PlayStation 5. But there’s a whole world of other VR options out there for other platforms. This is especially significant in the context of metaverse brands. Different companies tend to bring specific strengths to VR.

Sony has expertise in console gaming. Meta has a strong background in the social side of the Internet. Their Oculus platform has strong ties to PC gaming. And companies are even making innovative interface devices like treadmills and gloves. You can see how the VR2 fits into the larger VR landscape in “VR Headsets; Your Complete Guide to the Top Virtual Reality Gear”.

Virtual Reality Is Made Up of Many Different Elements

Sony’s game consoles have often introduced new technologies to the public. The PS2 was many people’s first DVD player. And the original Sony VR was, likewise, many people’s first look at VR. But the Sony Playstation VR2 is poised to deliver something exceptional. It’s part of a new generation of VR that can show people where the technology is heading.

It’s clear that other tech companies are racing to do the same. You can look at VR’s history and industry in the article “Virtual Reality; Discover VR, Its Components, Technology, and Players”.

The Sony Playstation VR2 is poised to bring virtual reality to a whole new level. It improves on the original PSVR’s visual quality, audio processing, and a number of other immersion-creating systems. And it’ll be available for purchase relatively soon.

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