For the first time in history, the VR Awards will be holding the ceremony live in Rotterdam, Netherlands, this December 1st in collaboration with Immersive Tech Week, formerly known as VRDays Europe. The 6th International VR Awards Livestream is brought to you by AIXR and Vertigo Games, supported by Sensorium, PICO, and Andromeda Entertainment.

(Re)Watch the LiveStream

The VR Awards will be celebrated live in Rotterdam on December 1st, 2022, and the show will be live-streamed on YouTube, Twitch, and Facebook.

The Ceremony Pre-show will be brought to you by Vertigo Games; the special panel will include key figures from Sensorium, Vertigo Games, and PICO. Andromeda Entertainment will be performing a never-before-seen acrobatics feature. Pep Rosenfeld, comedian, and Co-Founder of Boom Chicago, will host this year’s VR Awards.

The ceremony will be streamed live on the night at 19:30 CET / 10:30 PST.

The 6th Edition of the VR Awards

The 6th edition of the ceremony will boast an exciting live program, including a pre-show special brought to you by Vertigo Games and a unique acrobatics performance by Andromeda Entertainment; the stream will include exclusive coverage of all things new with VR, including exclusive interviews with the Academy judges panel and immersive industry leaders.

“Having the VR Awards in the heart of Vertigo Games’ hometown, we’re excited to be part of the ceremony and bring the celebrations to the AR/VR/XR community! Rotterdam truly represents our vision at Vertigo – a place of global ambitions. We hope your stay in our metropolitan city center will be an eventful one!” said Kimara Rouwit, Vertigo Games’ Director of Publishing, when asked about the VR Awards being hosted in Rotterdam for the first time.

The Pre-show will highlight some of the most significant and most exciting accomplishments from the past year and take a deep dive into the finalists for this year’s VR Awards; the panel will include some of the most influential names in the industry: Matias Lapuschin, Head of Content at Sensorium; Leland Hedges, Head of PICO Consumer Products, EMEA and Eugenio Aguilar, Game Producer at Vertigo Games.

As this year’s host, Pep Rosenfeld, comedian and Co-Founder of Boom Chicago, will effortlessly guide the audience through one of the biggest celebrations of VR accomplishments in 2022. Where winners of the prestigious award for categories such as the VR Game of the Year presented by Metaverse leaders Sensorium and Accenture’s presentation of their Accenture VR Lifetime Achievement award to Dr. Jacquelyn Morie, all from the renowned de Doelen stage.

Ivan Nikitin, Sensorium’s Chief Metaverse Officer, said: “As the world transitions to the new Web3 paradigm, the adoption of immersive technologies like VR and AR is inevitable. At Sensorium, we focus on taking digital experiences to the next level. We are honored to support the VR Awards 2022 Edition, reflecting on our commitment to promoting some of the most impactful endeavors in this fast-growing sector. With major participants coming together and sharing knowledge and expertise, we can find synergies that accelerate the transition to a more welcoming, diverse, and thrilling digital future.”

2022 has been a landmark year for PICO, so what better way to wrap it up than by attending the VR Awards in Rotterdam, said Leland Hedges, GM for PICO EMEA. “We are excited to be part of it and hope you can join us there, whether virtually or in person.”

Andromeda Entertainment will grace the stage with one of the most uniquely immersive acrobatics performances. “To extend our reality to its most beneficial form, we must first ground ourselves in the physical world with dreams to fly amongst the stars,” said John McClellan, CEO of Andromeda Entertainment, when asked about what we should expect from their performance.

Watch the VR Awards via Livestream

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